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E Banking

Guided By Mr.D.Rajkumar,MCA.,Asst.Prof.(O.G) Presented By P.Vinoth Kumar II nd MCA 3521020059

CONTENT  What is E-banking? Development of E-banking RBI & E-banking Advantages of the E-Banking Disadvantages and Risk of E-banking Precaution of risk and security Persecutions Banking Application Architecture 3/11/12 .

3/11/12 .What is E-banking? Definition: The provision of banking service through electronic channels and the customer can access the data without time and geographical limitation.

Development of Ebanking 1980s :  Rapid development of the Internet  TCP/IP system (communication system)  E-commerce 3/11/12 .

the first bank in the world to offer customer access to their accounts over the internet .  Allows customer to see their accounts online 3/11/12 .May 1995 : Development of Ebanking Wells Fargo .


Advantages of E-banking v v v Benefits for Banks Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses Benefits for Customers 3/11/12 .

Benefits for Banks  Larger customer coverage  Reducing the costs of operations  Promoting their services and products internationally  Increasing the customer satisfaction and providing a personalized relationship with customers 3/11/12 .

seven days a week Cost .24 hours a day.Benefits for Customers Convenience .Reducing transfer fees Speed .Faster circulation of assets 3/11/12 .

Ø Security Risk 3/11/12 .g. Elderly. E. Housewives → Inconvenient Ø Site change it will make the customer have some confusion or delay.Disadvantages OF E-banking Ø A need for customer skill to deal with computers and browsers.

Security Risk Increasing number of fraudulent bank websites Fake emails purporting to be sent from banks Use of Trojan Horse programs to capture user IDs and passwords 3/11/12 .

com Original bank website These website are believed to aim to trick persons into disclosing their sensitive personal information 3/11/12 .Fraudulent Bank Websites A suspicious bank website: www.sbionline.onlinesbi.

Viruses and Worms-Trojan Horse Program When we open some suspicious websites or email will install our computer secretly Trojan Horse Program Hidden in the computer When you access bank websites Capture our account and 3/11/12 the password .

D Credits D) Sales Sy Support st e m F B S N B S C M S Product Factory Sec uriti es E F T Tre asu ry Corporate Tables D A GL / L Accounti Settl ng eme Batch nt Operation s Cam Manag paig ement n Credi Manag t Risk ement Produ ctivity Por Manag tfol ement io Promi N ssory o t Che e que s s Pay men ts F Import / X Export Mer cha nt YK B HR I N F O C E N T E R Rep ortin g P C M 3/11/12 Management & Control Information Delivery Delivery Services .Banking Application Architecture Relationship Management A T M P O S T el et Tel el ero m Teller (Branch) Internet Banking Phone Banking Internet Shopping C I F De pos it (TD Loans& .

. and make the organization work better Data Warehouse helps users to identify 3/11/12 trends.learn more.Data Warehouse  Electronic repositories of summarized historical data The main idea behind data warehouse is get all company data working together so users can see more. find answers to business questions and derive meaning from historical and operational data.

Next To See Latest Technology Used In E-Banking M-Commerce Internet Banking Mobile Banking SMS Banking WAP Banking E-Security Conclusion 3/11/12 .

THANK YOU 3/11/12 .