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The school does not provide any residential or hostel facility Donors are allowed to take 2) 3) 4) 3/11/12 .‘SCHOOL FOR SPECIAL CHILDREN’ POLICIES: 1) Flexible fee structure. based on the income and affordability level There will be a separate section for physically challenged and the mentally disabled groups.

3/11/12 .

3/11/12 • • • • Volunteers are always welcome.Music & Dance. Different Ayats & Surahs will be taught.• 8) The school will have routine school timings. there will be standard time for pack up. . Extra curricular activities: Sports . 9)Religious Education: The children will be taught ablution to offer their prayers and teach Islamic way of life.

.Most of the schools follow curriculum designed by committees comprising of teachers of special schools under the guidance of National 3/11/12 Institute of Special Education.

the co coordinator 3/11/12 • • • • • . Against the social norms: Any kind of violent atmosphere in the school premises is prohibited . Corruption for favor: Negligence amongst the staff will not be tolerated but is likely to happen.INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: • Unreasonable Demands: Parents may ask the management to provide proper lunch to children but the school will not take its full responsibility.

Through professional agencies/colleges. INCENTIVES: 3/11/12 No reward can be better than the • • • .SELECTION/RECRUITMENT: • These include psychologists. doctors and nurses. occupational therapists. special educators & professionals for learning disorders. speech therapists. teachers. professional trainers. educationists. physiotherapists. Fresh.energetic. computer technologists. social workers.qualified in the specific field will be chosen as teachers and young trainers will assist them.young. mental health specialists.

‘Beauty Salon’ • • Policies: To provide best quality service to the 3/11/12 .

If a customer is extremely dissatisfied with a service. so they should take care of their stuff themselves. Rates for all the services are fixed. Mothers are requested to not bring their small children as they create noise and disturb other 3/11/12 • • • • • .• The salon will not take any charges against theft or loss of personal items of the customers. Membership cards will be given to regular customers through which they will avail discounts and other benefits. Clients will be asked to fill suggestion/comments book and the management. the management staff will try to compensate for it depending on the situation.

hair do and photography services on their weddings/engagements.a The photographer selection is not gender specific. There will be reward given to an employee by the end of each month on best performance or feedback. Job will be given on both temporary and long term 3/11/12 contract basis. They will avail free make up .sc/F. The staff can avail some basic services free of cost. • • • • • .‘SELECTION CRITERION & INCENTIVES’ • Young girls with minimum qualification of F.

Sometimes customers ask for such services that are not suitable for them and incase of bad result .‘Interaction with customers’ • Majority of the customers ask for credit or concession. Customers are usually rude. Staff takes menial services for granted and try to get away with them quickly often resulting in bad results. Mostly customers give rewards to workers to avail their services any time. noisy and nasty and that’s why a very intelligent/shrewd manager is 3/11/12 • • • • .blame the staff.

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