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• The technological development in the modern era and knowledge explosion has revolutionized the concept of care in the hospital. Good housekeeping has got the direct effect on the health comfort and morale of patient, doctors, health care workers and visitors. This is the area which serves the broader social need and has a history of rapid changes in function and organization. • The housekeeping era started in the middle of the 17th century • George Washington, considered housekeepers indispensible in his household, in order to relieve Mrs. Washington. • Florence nightingale also emphasized Housekeeping as a specialty on its own.

Continued • The hotel industry initiated with the housekeeping services. Later the concept of housekeeping got incorporated in health care set up. • Hospital Administrators/ Trustees/ Board of Directors felt in the middle of the 20th century that the hospital housekeeping is the specialty on its own. The house keeping departments work has advanced rapidly in recent years and requires knowledge, skill and understanding of management tools. • Good housekeeping has proved to prevent and control hospital acquired infection, and thus reducing the Average Length of Stay (ALOS), which in turn reduces the drug cost and also prevents lots of suffering.

Continued • It’s an activity upon which all the health giving services of the hospital depend. • The work of housekeeping is simplistic but when one considers maintaining a house of several hundreds of rooms and numerous public areas, the task becomes gigantic.

but has a widest scope in the hospital as it maintains the image of the hospital. • It’s the department which is the non revenue producing service department. .DEFINITION • Housekeeping department has the duty of cleaning and sanitation of all the hospital. The hospital housekeeping function is defined to include all labor transportation. equipment material supplies management coordination and supervision required to perform the hospital housekeeping services.

• To increase public demands and awareness. • To ensure high standards of cleanliness and general upkeep in all the areas. . • To provide quality health care by personalized services. • Achieve maximum efficiency possible in the care and comfort of the patient and the smooth running of the hospital. • To develop highest specified standards of property maintenance of the hospital.OBJECTIVES • To Achieve the aesthetic appeal of the hospital. to control and prevent hospital acquired infections.need for public image of the highest degree of hospital • To improve patient care.

thus it needs to be centrally located and close to vertical transport system to facilitate easy movement of materials and equipment used in housekeeping. • Office for the Housekeeping Manager .STRUCTURE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE LOCATION: • Housekeeping department serves for all the areas and departments of the hospital.

• Store room for housekeeping equipments and materials .STRUCTURE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE LOCATION: • Clerical work area • Chiefs office keepers desk and bulletin board to put up daily duty charts and other housekeeping information.

an trolleys as a mailer of routine. .Continued • Housekeeping closets on the floors of the hospital for the with the space and shelves for housekeeping equipment and materials. Housekeeping Control Desk: • The housekeeping desk is the nerve centre for the entire department and its efficiency determines the smooth functioning and effectiveness of housekeeping. supplies for daily use should be delivered to the respective closets directly. It is the focal point for dissemination of information and communication to various points in the housekeeping department as well as to other departments for better coordination.

KEY BOARD: • Patient room • Key office room • Entrance Keys • Others .ContinuedTHE AREA OF CONTROL DESK MUST HAVE: INFORMATION BOARD: • Duty chart for housekeepers and sweepers • Cleaning schedules • Hospital staff room accommodation • Other general information and important announcements.

CONTINUEDREGISTERS FILES FORMS: • Housekeeping equipments and supplies list • Attendance register for sweepers • Request form for supplies and equipments from stores • Request form for repairs to be carried out in other wards • Inventories of supplies and equipments • Checklists for patient rooms • Year planning calendar • Inventory for furniture and furnishing • Inventory of linen • Personnel data • Progress reports .


Qualities of Housekeeping manager • Basic knowledge of health care hygiene and sanitation • Ability to plan. administer and develop all phases of a comprehensive housekeeping program that will provide a suitable environment for the institutions medical and administrative activities • Demonstration of personal qualities of leadership and skill in coordinating a major activity within the administrative program • General working knowledge of cleaning operations and interior decoration .

supervise and evaluate the work of subordinate supervisors and their personnel • Ability to develop the departmental budget and to direct the expenditure of monies.Qualities of Housekeeping manager • Ability to assign. .

sweepers and try to solve them • Conduct meeting to exchange ideas and solve problems . train. evaluate and counsel staffs of housekeeping department • Instruct and advice staffs on changes in policies. select. procedures or working standards • Listens to the problems if any of the housekeepers.HOUSEKEEPING MANAGER Function: • Collaborate with other departments to ensure delivery of quality services • Interview.

Continued • Attend to the complaints and queries if any or other departments and patients related to housekeeping services • Rounds to inspect housekeeping services in work area • Conducts hospital housekeeping surveillance audits • Work closely with the administrators on day to day housekeeping requirements. • Training induction and on job training of housekeeping staffs .

objectives and programs to ensure timely completion • Reporting to the management . delegating and monitoring departmental goals.Continued • Monitor departmental activities to ensure maximum efficiency in the services being provided • Assist in developing.

Security Housekeeping Kitchen and Catering Civil.Interdepartmental Relationship Maintenance Human Resource and Personnel Dept. Laundry. BMED and Other Departments Stores Nursing .

ASSISTANT MANAGER • Daily rounds to inspect housekeeping services in work area • Assisting the Housekeeping Manager in administrative work • Monitor the use of supplies and equipments and prepare a monthly purchase request and issue request as and when required or as per the hospital protocol • Reports to the housekeeping managers .

CHIEF HOUSE KEEPER Functions: • Cooperates with the staffs of other departments • Deployment supervision control and training of the staffs • Checks the standards of cleaning of all the areas in the hospital • Keep inventories and records of the equipments and supplies • Supervise and instruct the sweepers on day to day activities • Enhance the décor of different areas of the hospital .

housekeeping managers. .Continued – • Control and supervision of the work in linen room • Train new recruits' • Check all safety items on the allotted floors • Record all lost and found items as per laid down norms • Reports to the asst.

SUPERVISORS • Organization of work. planning of task • Directing the work of those responsible to him • Co-ordinate the resources under his direction • Control workers and resources • Supervising and guiding the housekeeping staffs and getting quality work done • Evaluate the job performance of HK staffs • Identifying the training needs and planning the same .

Mukadam (Leaders) • Their main responsibility is to allocate the duty • And supplying adequate staffs to the respective areas • Arranging the workers in case of shortage. • Cooperates with the staffs of other departments .

SWEEPERS Functions: • Receive the allocation of the floor and area of cleaning • Clean the rooms at least twice in a shift • Clean the toilets and bathrooms of the allotted department at least twice in a shift .

Continued - • Follow instruction and cleaning procedures given by the supervisor • Use supplies economically • Maintain polite and dignified attitude towards patient • Report and hand over all the lost and found articles to the supervisor • Reports to : Housekeeping Manager .

GARDENER Function: • Clean and maintain the garden • Taking care of newly cultivated plants • Water and prune the plants Reports to: Housekeeping Supervisor .

• New policies and procedures should immediately be explained to the workers and their queries should be clarified. • Proper job specification • Two way communication is essential to avoid miss understanding of the work procedure • Guidelines given to the workers should neither be over commanding. nor easy.Communication Factors to be considered: • workers should understand clearly what is expected of them • Unwanted actions should be avoided. They should be moderated. .use simple and clear languages • Adopt demonstration methods to explain the work procedures.

. Qualification: Min.Selection criteria for housekeeping staff • Edu. 12th pass • Age: 18 to 20 yrs (as per hospital policy) • Health and appearance: He/ She should have a good health and should clear the medical fitness test.

Responsibilities of the housekeeping department Responsibilities Direct Responsibilities Indirect Responsibilities .

• Direct: Daily cleaning • Periodic cleaning. Ensuring clean linen supply Bed making. dusting .

and lizards running around. No matter how clean one keeps ones surroundings. cockroaches. It is not only embarrassing but also speaks badly of a hospital where one sees rats. you cannot avoid pests. Thus a protocol should be there for regular pest control and it has to be supported by a proper documentation .Continued • Pest control Pest Control is a major job of the Housekeeping Department.

Continued • Preventing spread of infection • Creating an aesthetically pleasant atmosphere • Waste constitutes a problem. because waste must be disposed of economically and efficiently. the size of the problem varying with the size of the institution. . and in a sanitary way.

prevention of crosscontamination by infectious materials.Continued • Safety against fire. odor control. . and pest control are all included in waste disposal procedures. • A carefully planned program of waste disposal will safeguard not only personnel and patient but also the community.

programs and workshops. .Continued • Safety and security of the hospital • Gardening • Making necessary arrangements for the meetings.

Continued Indirect responsibilities • Saving electricity by switching off the lights • Ensuring economical use of supplies to save cost • Maintaining helpful and courteous caring attitude towards patients and visitors • Promoting safety and reporting dangerous conditions whenever observed • Maintaining harmonious working relation with other departments .

• After the evaluation well trained staffs should be allocated to appropriate areas. • After the training staffs should be evaluated on their understanding of the housekeeping services.In service education/ Training • The basic training schedule for HK staffs should be planned for a specific period and should cover all aspects of housekeeping. .

The training schedule can include following topics • • • • • • • • • • Introduction to housekeeping General rules and regulation Hospital work culture and values Housekeeping and patient relationship-better communication skills Job description Orientation Ward management Water tank cleaning and chlorination Importance of checklist Safety at work place .

g waste segregation. • Protocols on safety related to occupational exposure to blood and body fluid.g Needle stick injuries • Waste segregation protocol of hospital • Spill management (blood and mercury) • Housekeeping procedures like ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Bed making Dusting Cleaning Disinfection e. ▫ Patient transportation ▫ Lift cleaning etc. Continued- .g Bacillocid. handling soiled and infected linen etc. Ecoshield etc.• General infection control protocols relevant to them e. Sodium hypochlorite. E.

coorridors requires good standard of cleaning . OT Transplant units requires highest possible standards of cleaning ▫ Medium risk areas e.g Office waiting areas.g Kitchen & toilets requires high standard of cleaning ▫ Low risk areas e.Work schedule • • • • Standard cleaning Planning schedule Frequency of cleaning Areas and zoning ▫ High risk areas eg.

sinks Napththalcnc balls Direct W Toilet odour control Odonil Direct Weekly Disinfections Dettol 100ml.tiles.wardrobes./ 5litre Direct Daily .Usage area Cleaning agent Dilution Time for cleaning agent to usage Floor.waetergent 20ml.8gm/wash basin/toilet Direct T Toilet close all stain removal Harpic No dilution Direct Once a da Mopping the Cleaning the toilet Pursue 18ml/ litre Direct T Septic tank-lkg/washA water tank-500gms/wash Bleaching powder 2 mins Septic tank weekly Water tank-monthly Brass items Brasso Direct Special cleaning Drawers.5 litre.

health. .Handling the difficult workers • Find out the reasons for the problem. personal problems or problem with the work procedures • Arrange refresher training if required • Frequently monitor and supervise the work • Ask them to repeat the work if found unsatisfactory • Motivate him to adopt new procedures and techniques adopted by the department • Encourage the worker through incentives and bonus for festivals.

Continued• Overtime • Sick leave • Change the duty when they require for genuine Reason • Help him out with advance payments if they are in need • Festival bonus .

gratuity etc.morale of the staff and to motivate them it is important to provide a good working atmosphere in the hospital. • • • • • • • • • Good working conditions Good working relationship and accessibility Incentive bonus Best employee award Statutory wedges(Provident fund.Welfare of the staff To keep up the .) Medical facilities Sick leave and maternity leave Meals when on duty Proper work method .

locker rules.Housekeeping Manual A good housekeeping department must have a written manual. . lunch. safety rules etc. leave. which should include: • The organization and brief outline of the hospital • Rules like hours. • Special rules like training for specific areas • Methods of supervision • Housekeeping procedures • Equipment supply and control of inventory.

• Separate budget to the department • In future depending on the cost analysis if required these services can be outsourced. .

Issues and Challenges • • • • • • • • Maintaining effective interdepartmental relationship Effective communication Absenteeism Alcoholism Work allocation Conflict management Time management Procedures of housekeeping should be in conjunction with nursing procedures E.g. bed making after sponge bath Prevention of cross infection Noise pollution Variation in work methods at different work places • • • • .

“The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm.” ---Florence Nightingale .