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Data Processing

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Data File Formats:

SPSS: *.sav Excel: *xls ASCII: *.asc, *.dat


Converting Data Into ASCII Format:

From SPSS: Open data in SPSS File>>Save As>>Save as type>>Fixed ASCII (*.dat) Rename the file and Save Structure File: Contents comes in output viewer window. Having information (address, type etc.) of data in *.dat file with corresponding variable name.

From Excel Files: Export data into SPSS from Excel. File>>open>>data>>File of Type>>Excel(*.xls). Select file and Open.

Required Folders:
Data: To store data files (*.dat) and structure file Docs: To store All the information about project sent by client. It includes questionnaire, instruction files etc. Tables: It contains all those files which are generated due program running process through Quantum. Outputs: It contains the outputs files in *CSV format. All the output tables automatically generate in *CSV file named head1.

SET File:
It is a programming file. It contains the codes of tables which has to be print. It is able to open in Textpad. A set file has four sections: First Section: In this section there are declaration of number of records, type of data (card data or non-card data), edit-section, banner definitions, test to be applied with certain level of significance. Second section: Sub file: Every sub file belongs to each variables for which table is to be print. It includes options with their respective codes.ege. {i} q1.sub n11 n01Yes ;ca001 n01No ;ca002

Third Section: Axis File: It contains the Table Title, Total base i.e. number of response in the table and column number from where to carry the data. {a} l q1 *include title.sub;tit=Q.Have you had your breakfast today? +bt=All Respondents *include q1.sub;col(a)=10 Fourth Section: Tab file: In this section we declare tables which are to be print. Tab q1 &head

Batch File:
It is an one of the important file where we define the files to generate through Quantum i.e. set file, run file, tab file, edt file and axc file, these files are required in process and path of data and output file. A sample of r.bat file contains echo bloodd.set > setfile call set2qun < setfile call quclean -a -y echo *include bloodd.edt;op=12;wm=0;pg=300;sd=40;wh=pc> echo *include; head=head1 ; >> echo *include bloodd.axc; >> call quantum ..\data\merge.dat head1.txt call csv head1 call move *.csv ..\outputs


Program is run in DOS mode by simply giving the path of M S-DO S P rom pt.p if r.bat file


We see the output tables in




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