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application of fluid mechanics to engineering devices. It is a lifting device which is used to lift or bring down cars and loads. It use working fluid and cylinders.INTRODUCTION It was invented by Leon Edoux. . Hydraulics.

the electronic control unit activates the hydraulic lift automatically. . Our project concentrated on this difficulty.PROBLEM STATEMENT We have studied the difficulty in lifting the any type of vehicles. By pressing the button in the dashboard. and hence a suitable hydraulic lift has been designed. Our Survey in several automobile garages. revealed the facts that mostly some difficult methods were adopted in lifting the vehicles for reconditioning.

pressure. and area. Calculate force.OBJECTIVE Outline the properties of hydraulic fluids. fundamental hydraulic principles. Apply the laws of hydraulics. .

Pascal's law states that when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a confined fluid. .PRINCIPLE It is based upon the principle of Pascal’s law. there is an equal increase at every other point in the container.

WORKING Lift works by pumping oil from Hydraulic Power Pack to Hydraulic cylinder which causes lifting action. .

EQIUPMENTS USED Lift Carriage Piston Housing Control Button Pump Piston Valve Electric Wires Fluid Tank Hydraulic Fluid .

Used for lifting heavy loads with great ease and lift it vertically. It is used in service station for repairing.APPLICATIONS It is very much useful for Car Owners & Auto garages. .

The loaded light vehicles can be easily. Handling is easy. Thus this project does not require any cooling arrangements.ADVANTAGES It requires simple maintenance care The moving parts of this system are cooled by the oil itself used. . Manual power not required Repairing is easy. Replacement of parts is easy.

If below grade reach is small. it can be difficult to set down or pick up container.DISADVANTAGES Initial cost is high. High maintenance cost. .

CONCLUSION Fundamental hydraulic principles include Pascal’s Law. Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic potential. . and how force. pressure. and sectional area are used in hydraulic circuits to produce outcomes. Bernoulli’s Principle.

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