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as of 2008 Year End MUET Exam Audrey Koh Sui Ean

1. Number of texts 5 2. Number of questions 20 3. Question types 1. Information transfer 2. Short-answer questions 3. 3-option MCQ Weighting 15% Duration 30 minutes

MPM: no half marks awarded, all errors in punctuation including capitalisation, spelling and grammar equates to ZERO.
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PART I : i) Information transfer

____________ ______________ Proximity Familiarity

ii) Short-Answer Question

In not more than 5 words, what is the first thing one should do when a fire happens? __________________________________

When there is a fire, you should always try to head towards an open area by looking for the nearest exit.

Part II WebRep A enjoys listening to music Select the right answer and write only the corresponding letter (A F), B rating doOverall is ayour time writing the whole phrase down. NOT waste workaholic
C found some loot


9 - 10. The speaker describes her positively although she ____________. She passes her time by enjoying the finer things in life such as appreciating opera and classical music. It is quite amazing that she finds the time for such luxuries even though she has her hands full with her time-consuming job which she enjoys as well.

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ii) Objective 3-Option Questions

11 14) Dr Khoo advises the public to
1.donate only what they can afford. be generous in donating to the worth cause. ignore the call for donating as must as possible.
Dr. Khoo Kay Ho was very impressed with the support shown by the public so far pertaining the response to the charity drive that they are currently promoting. The drive has been launched for just 1 week now but collection has already reached the RM10,000 target. With one more week to go before the end of the charity drive, Khoo hopes the public will not hesitate from donating as much as possible for the benefit of the deaf community.

PART III : Short-Answer Questions

15 20) When a persons stress levels exceed their optimum amount ___________________ _____________________________________.
Stress can be categorised into two main groups, good stress and bad stress. Good stress will raise your adrenaline and cause you to perform at a more optimum level. Researchers have found that when stress exceeds your bodys own optimum level, it will turn into bad stress resulting in hyperventilation, heart palpitations and in some cases strokes, heart attacks or even death.

Dont Worry
Its normal to be worried about the listening exam. Just be calm, listen carefully, and write clearly. Dont worry about grammar or wrong spelling because listening tests usually focus more on facts. Finally, its only 15% so concentrate more on the other papers.