The Clichés of Technology

Santiago Siri – CEO Popego

The Role of Disruptors

First Transistor Radio (fits in your pocket!)

The Innovator

Japan circa 1952


The Dirty Little Secret?

“History Repeats Itself”

Silicon Valley’s main assumption since 1965: Moore’s Law

Impact on Video Processing

Impact on Music

Impact on Culture

Yes, History Repeats Itself.

What’s Next?

“The Singularity is Near…”

Kurzweil’s Law
DNA Evolves

Brains Evolve

Technology Evolves

Technology Masters Biology

Crazy Ideas are Taken Seriously in Silicon Valley.

The Web as One Machine

Evolving from Hyper Text…

…to Semantic Data…

…to Consciousness?

What We Do

“Not Cars, Engines.”

Using Today’s Disruptors

Inspired by Good Designs

Our Solution: Interest Profiles

• Semantically Rich
Words describing users interests are related by meaning and category.

• User-Controlled
They can manage every aspect of their interest profiles.

• Across the Web
Feeding from all the online activity of users, and accessible by 3rd parties.


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