Prepared by: Mohd Amin Date: 28/02/2012

Reviewed by: Teoh See Weng


Nemo Analyze is a highly efficient and fully scalable analysis tool for benchmarking, automated troubleshooting, and statistical reporting based on drive test data. For benchmarking, its predetermined report templates help compare KPIs from different operators, technologies, and time frames, and visualise the results in a single report; Supports all the major network technologies, including LTE, HSPA+, GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, EVDO, iDEN, TETRA, DVB-H, TD-SCDMA and WiMAX. For the Huawei-Digi Project, it used to analyze the data/logfile that recorded using Nemo Outdoor. Support data/log-file from TEMS Investigation, TEMS Pocket and EADS REMS TETRAPOL.

Grab BTS Database from RNC

Import/Export to using MIPT3G Tool

Open in Nemo Analyze/ Nemo Outdoor

Export to Google KMLFile using Nemo Analyze

Join all log-file. Example of log-file name.3 (Scanner) Grouping log-file.1 (UE)  11Nov28_170540. (Folder/Organize logfile in Nemo Analyze) Drag the folder contain log-file into Nemo Analyze.1 (Excel File – Summarize Report)  11Nov28_170540.     Nemo Outdoor generates a few number of log-file according to the device used during the test.2 (Data Card)  11Nov28_170540.  11Nov28_170540. .

       Add map Add BTS to workbook Organize log-file Drag combined log-file into workbook Import Digi legend Preview Data Preview multiple data .

WorkBook Tab .

Import Legend Add WorkBook Organize Logfile Locate file DigiLegend.aex Joined logfile Select all logfile. remove/join .

Preview Data .

Preview multiple data in workbook .

IRAT handover 4-Quadrant Graph (Ec/Io vs RSCP) Call drop. video call .RSCP.       AMR. CPICH Best Server and Pilot Pollution. HSDPA and HSUPA – RLC Plotting. block call/call fail) Pilot Pollution Analysis .statistic Throughput. Ec/Io.





circle the PP are. ** insert PSS PP and draw arrow from the site caused the  pilot. Log-file: 2652AU ADT x2/1st Drive Pilot Pollution Area .

What dominant site serve? .

Locate all SC that cause the pilot pollution Pilot Pollution Area .

SC: 201 Check RSCP for every SC serve to the area. SC: 225 SC: 217 SC: 393 Pilot Pollution Area .





A measurement report which included an event 2d was sent to the RNC for trigger the compressed mode (CM) to perform an intersystem handover from UMTS to GSM. . The UE remained in GSM mode until the call ended and performed cell reselection to switch back to UMTS.The call was initiated on a poor UMTS RF condition for the 1st CS IRAT SC: 287(RSCP=-100 dBm & Ec/No=-14 dBm).


explain event involved. Double click to view detail . ** insert PSS L3 messages on log file contain drop call. Highlight the operation blocking the call.

Call Failure Drop Call From the L3 message. UE missing signalling for 32 seconds could cause the call attempt failure .

RF condition is good. Suspect UE hang causing the call to fail. After RRC connection request. . UE receive lot of system information from Node-B until UE encounter missing signalling for 14sec.Call attempt failure observed while UE camped to cell 1051AU01.

Double click to view detail .

7dBm and Ec/No: -24. UE encounter missing signalling for 9sec. After UE send measurement report. .Call drop due to UE been serve by 2031AU02 with poor RF coverage (RSCP: -119.9dB).

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Thank You .

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