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C& I

February 2012

Strong and sustainable growth of the group

Turnover 3Net (M€) total Group C&I

50,4 43,9 40,8 41,8 36,2 30,7 33,1









Cadum France : the spearhead of the Group

Turnover Hygiene (M€) France

36,5 32,4 26,1 20,3 16,9 12,3 9,7 7,5









A 120 years history and tradition…

1907: first Cadum solid soap 1930: Cadum is N°1 on Cosmetic market in France Up to 80’s, Cadum remains the Soap N°1 in France From 20 years Iba is N°1 on problem solver, liquid and small space air freshener segments

But still dynamism of youth.

A 3 years old company resulting from the merger of Cadum (Body care) and Iba (House Hold) in 2007.

2007 1990 2003

Flexibility of a small structure… 35 people in the Head quarter. office and personnel director Household Mkg team Hygiene Mkg team Sales team Export Director Spain Uk Manager Manager Purchaser managers Finance managers Office and personnel team Supply chain team R&D Sales Adm. for faster decisions. Field sales force Spain team Uk team Production Finance team . Shorter hierarchy. No more than 4 levels for decision General Director: Gilles Nouailhetas Marketing Director France Sales Director General Director: Jean-Marie Total Finance Director Supply.

Brand History .

Cadum combines with Colgate Palmolive to become Cadum Palmolive . Winburn & Louis Nathan collaborate and start the Cadum soap factory selling high quality affordable soap. M. Louis Nathan discovers a cure for eczema – Cade {Juniper] oil balm. M. and remains the No 1 soap in France Cadum re-launched to make Cadum a Global Brand.Cadum since 1907 1907 1912 1930 1952 M. Winburn a chemical industrialist & business man studies the issue of eczema. Cadum becomes the Number 1 best selling soap & hygiene brand in France (50% of population use). Winburn 2003 .

Cadum in the 20’s The pink Cadum baby was selected to embody softness & health in the 20’s .

Boulevard Haussmann. today… …and brand image is used as a part of commercial French Story. Paris Center (close to Grands Magasins) French dictionnary: .Cadum.


Positioning  Proven in product softness since 1907. . DMDM. Phenoxyethanol.  Gentle cleansing ingredients.  Hypoallergenic.  Not tested on animals. not just a claim. EDTA. BHT.  Clinically tested on sensitive & dry skin.  Free of paraben.  Advanced formulations made with up to 100% natural ingredients achieving the same or better results than traditional products.

•DMDM (DiMethylol DiMethyl): Bad for the environment. • EDTA ou Ethylène-Diamine-Tétra Acétique: Bad for the environment and your hair. •Phenoxyethanol: Damages skin. .Cadum: free from controversial ingredients •Parabens: Skin irritant that upsets skins natural balance.

Cadum: qualitative formulas recognized by experts Cosmetox Guide extract .

Cadum: qualitative formulas recognized by experts .

Cadum : 8 years in advance vs regulation Publication Direct Matin 1 million readers 9th may 2011 .

Cadum is the No 1 brand of hygiene in families with kids under 15 years old Source: Kantar 2011 .Key figures in 2011  4 millions households in France use Cadum products each year.

3 SKUs in the top 10 of the market (300 SKUs) 2nd N° 1 N° 1 .Leader of kid shower .4th brand of solid soaps .4th brand of the market No 2 brand in intimate care KID CARE N° 1 brand of baby market .4 SKUs in the top 20 of the market (400 SKUs) -Soaps : .1st and only brand with ecocert label .Success on each category ADULT SHOWER AND SOAPS INTIMATE CARE -Adult Shower: .IRI P12 2011 YTD .4th brand of shower .4th brand of kid shampoo (9 brands in total) Source: .2 SKUs in the top 10 of the market BABY CARE N° 1 .

7% +4.6% +7.4% .8% Marché Bébé (incl lingettes) +0.6% PDM CAD 2.10 Déo femmes Marché Douches adultes Marché TI Savons (sol/liq) Source: .IRI P12 2011 YTD +28.1% +5.6% +3.7% +30.6% Kids Déo femmes Douches TI Savons (sol/liq) +9.4% Lancement Nov.6% +2.Success on each category Market growth 2011 Cadum growth 2011 Bébé +23.1% Marché Kids (douche+shamp) -2.


HM+SM.IRI Sell out France.Bebe Cadum n°2 in France Source: . CAD P12 2011 .

Our strategy Recruit Mummies Recruit Women Cover all segments with high quality products and sharp positioning Adapted products for dual usage : baby + adult Targeted communication plan .

Cover all segments: 2011 offer BATH NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW TOILETTE Shampoo 400ml Bath & Shower 400ml SKIN CARE Hair & Body Gel 750ml & 400ml Micellaire Water 400ml Cleansing Milk 400ml WIPES LinIment 400ml Cleansing water 750ml NEW Powder Baume Eau de Toilette Perfume Natural Caresses Sensitive Cleansing water .


clinically tested .The cleansing gels range Hair and body Body (dry skins) .90 € 400 ml / 3.Cadum guaranteed composition Best selling SKU of baby care market (excl wipes) 750 ml / SRP 5.95€ .with organic almond oil .95€ With shea butter 400 ml / 3.hypoallergenic .

CAD P12 2011 . HM+SM.Cleansing gels performance: Bebe Cadum leader Source: .IRI Sell out France.

clinically tested .hypoallergenic .90 € Specifically adapted to make-up removal 400 ml / 3.with organic almond oil .95€ .Cadum guaranteed composition 2nd best selling SKU of baby care market (excl wipes) 750 ml / SRP 5.The cleansing water range Cleansing water 750 ml Micellar Water .

CAD P12 2011 .Cleansing water case: challenging Biolane leadership Source: .IRI Sell out France. HM+SM.

hypoallergenic .Cadum guaranteed composition 400 ml / 3. jojoba oil.Cleansing and moisturising milk ORGANIC formula . aloe vera. .95€ .contains organic sweet almond certified . Shea butter.

HM+SM.Cleansing and moisturising milk : ranked 4th Source: . CAD P12 2011 .IRI Sell out France.

For baby and mummy delicate skin .Prevent from irritations very absorbing .Talc / powder .60€ .Clinically tested .Cadum guaranteed composition 300g / SRP : 2.

Talc performance: indisputable leader Source: .IRI Sell out France. CAD P12 2011 . HM+SM.

Shampoo .convenient thanks to the pump .Cadum guaranteed composition 400 ml / 3.contains organic sweet almond oil .adapted to frequent use for adults and babies .35€ .clinically tested .

hypoallergenic .organic certified .contains 20 % of organic shea butter .Moisturising balm .Cadum guaranteed composition Damaged barrier Restored barrier Acknowledged by the selection of the « observatoire des cosmétiques » 150 ml / 5.35€ .restores the hydrolipidic film for a maximum protection of dry skins .

100% natural formula : olive oil+ lime water 400 ml / 5. soothes and prevents irritations .90€ .cleans.the most recommended product by physicians .Liniment oleo-calcaire .

the beauty complement .Hypoallergenic .Low alcohol (20%) .Cadum guaranteed composition 50 ml / SRP : 12.Eau de toilette. fresh and delicate Perfume .Clinically tested .50€ .Soft.

Hypoallergenic .Cadum guaranteed composition 250 ml / SRP : 3.Clinically tested .Low alcohol (20%) .Fragrancing water A soothing and refreshing fragrancing water .95€ .

Cover all segments: 2012 novelty THERMAL FRANCHISE Thermal water = skin care active bringing natural minerals & taking care of sensitive skins Possible feminine usage thanks to formulas & fragrances adapted to the target Perfect purity & innocuousness .

Hygiene/Care Baby segment would weight much lower… 316 M€ 3. Calcul pour chaque segment : % poids volume des foyers avec bébé x CA du segment .4 x less!! 95 M€ Données Kantar 2010.Why launching a Thermal offer for Baby? Baby segment: a specific market within mass networks 70 % Volumes purchased by families WITHOUT BABY from 0 to3 yo Without alternative usage by adults.

2010 19.Why launching a Thermal offer for Baby? From 2008. market driven by skin care brands in pharmacies Evolution 2008 .9% -8.2 % -3.9% Market Skin Care Brands Specific Brands  Skin care brands represent 20% of bay market in pharmacies .

Why launching a Thermal offer for Baby? With a ‘skin care + baby’ promise = thermal water + innocuousness Thermal water Adult Logo Thermal water Adult Logo Baby Target Baby Target Claims skin care Adult Picto Innocuousness / Sensitive skins Innocuousness / Sensitive skins .

Why launching a Thermal offer for Baby? Develop the Baby market via a PREMIUM THERMAL SENSITIVE SKINS offer For babies & mummies FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY .

Bébé Cadum Thermal Peaux Sensibles Cleansing Gel Body. Face & Eyes 400 ml Cleansing Milk Body.65€ Micellar Water Body. Face & Hair 400 ml A premium offer to redevelop the category 400ML : 4.85 € / 250 ml : 2. Face & Eyes 250 ml Availability 15 march 2012 .

Target communication: Magic Maman partnerhip Leader website on 25-35 y-o mummies .

thousands of registrations and votes take place on the MagicMaman website to elect the Cadum Baby of the Month In January of 2011. 5  50% of votes from the public via internet  50% of votes from the jury • Mai anna & Zoe. 11 finalists are brought before a jury of celebrities who elect the Baby Cadum of the Year. Baby Cadum 2009 et 2010 .Target communication: Election of Bébé Cadum • Each month from February to December.

The election creates huge buzz and is a great vector for brand awareness An internationally renowned studio • Brings prestige & glamour to the election • A photo souvenir that will last a lifetime and which is worth 2 000€ Laure Manaudou – Key sponsor • Brings high level of awareness to the event and attracts a lot of media attention from celebrity magazines A celebrity jury • Composed of national celebrities which attract high level of media attention .

Cadum Babies become part of the Harcourt legend Photos that create internet buzz = 3 000 visitors in 24h on the site .

The Baby Cadum Election is the most popular baby election in France 40 00040 000 registrations inscriptions dont 10 000 uniques 200 000 votes 200 000 votes .

A record number of media hits in 2011 178 media results 52 Press articles + 107 Web articles + 8 Radio shows + 11 TV shows 300 Mil contacts Between Oct 2010 and Feb 2011 + 50% vs Election 2010 .

Thank You .