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proteins. proteins etc. which is essential for the growth baby If mother milk is not available then suggest on giving animal milk • • • 3/13/12 . Every human being consumes neither at one time nor the other. World health organization suggests that the infants should be fed compulsorily with mother milk because it provides all the necessary fat. which contains vitamins. fats and carbohydrates.Industry Profile • Milk is the food.

) • Dairying is one of the best instruments for bringing up the socio-economic development of the country Dairy developing in India has been most spectacular in recent years • 3/13/12 ..Industry profile(contd.

Milk and Basic Raw Material : Vijaya : Liquid Butter Butter : Milk • • • Procuring the Raw Material :Co-operative Milk Society Booths Year of Establishment Plant Location :1969 • • 3/13/12 .Company profile • Name of the organization Dairy Limited Nature of the business Milk. Ghee.

Company mission • Mission Farmer’s prosperity through technical innovations and customer orientation with specific focus on quality and cost 3/13/12 .

• 3/13/12 . “Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”. Flippo.Recruitment and Selection • According to Edwin B. It is a linking activity that brings together those offering jobs and those seeking jobs.

Process of Recruitment 3/13/12 .

Dependents and deceased employees 3/13/12 . Employment exchanges relatives of 5.Educational 2.Employee referrals 4. Demotions 4.Sources of Recruitment • External sources Internal sources 1. Retired Employees 5. Transfers 2.Placement agencies/outsourcing 3. Promotions Recruitments institutes 3. Campus 1.

The process of selection leads to employment of persons who possess the ability and qualifications to perform the jobs which have fallen vacant in an organization. 3/13/12 • .Meaning of Selection • Selection involves a series of steps by which the candidates are screened for choosing the most suitable persons for vacant posts.

Selection process Screening of applicants Written Exam Group Discussion Personal Interview Reference and Background Check Medical Examination 3/13/12 Hiring Decisions .

Research Methodology Primary Data Primary data is collected through direct interaction with the employees. company . Secondary Data The data is obtained from already existing information. Data source Secondary data Primary data 3/13/12 :Primary and :Questionnaires Secondary data :Textbooks.

practices that are to be followed by vijaya dairy limited. * Observing the recruitment sources. 3/13/12 .Scope of the study * Observing the recruitment procedure in vijaya dairy limited. methods.

recruitment plays a crucial role for selecting the candidate.• Need of the study Ø Human resources is the valuable asset of any organization in order to get potential workers. The present study emphasizes the need and how the organization fulfill its requirements in recruiting its human resources Ø 3/13/12 .

3/13/12 .Objectives of the study Ø To Ø To study the effectiveness of present recruitment practices study the different sources for recruitment in vijaya dairy ltd.

Sample questionnaire • Are you aware of recruitment and selection process of your organization [ ] Yes [ ] To Some Extent [ ] No How do you come to know about the vacancies in your organization [ ] Internal Announcements [ ] Advertisements [ ] Consultant 3/13/12 • [ ] Campus Interview .

what is the main source of recruitment on your organization? [ ] Transfer & Promotion 3/13/12 [ ] Employee Reference .Sample questionnaire • “Type of recruitment preferred in your organization” [ ] Internal Source [ ] External Source [ ] Both • If internal.

what is the main source of recruitment on your organization [ ] Employment Exchanges [ ] Consultants [ ] Advertisements [ ] Campus Interview [ ] Rival Firms [ ] All the Above 3/13/12 .• If external.