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 BRAND IMAGE  How the brand is now perceived  BRAND IDENTITY  How strategists want the brand to be perceived  BRAND POSITION  The part of the brand identity and value proposition to be actively communicated to a target audience .

Product .Brand Identity Results Brand Strategist Strategy Brand Image Brand Position Customers & Potential customers Messaging Marketing. PR.

Brand identity is a unique set of brand associations that the brand strategist aspires to create or maintain.  .  These associations represent what the brand stands for and imply a promise to customers from the organization members.


Brand Identity Brand as Product Brand as Organization Brand as Person Brand as Symbol Value Proposition Credibility Brand-Customer Relationship .


Quality/Value 4. Brandcustomer relationship Brand As Symbol 1. Personality 2. Product Scope 2.Extended core Brand As Product 1. Users Brand as Organization 1. Local vs. Visual Imagery and metaphors 2. Uses 5. Global Brand As Person 1. Organizational Attributes 2. Country . Product Attributes 3. Brand Hreritage 6.


. •The focus was more on value than price. •A clear differentiation was a significant factor that aided the significant growth of micromax brand in Indian market.Brand as Product Product Scope •Micromax products were towards the lower end of the pricing spectrum. the brand was focusing on adding more features at a reasonable price .

Product Attributes       Handsets with 30 days battery backup Handsets with Dual SIM / Dual Standby Handsets Switching Networks (GSM . Uses • Micromax X235 can also be used as a remote control for televisions and A/Cs. • Micromax G4 Gamolution with a motion sensor gaming console. .CDMA) Qwerty Keypad Handsets Operator Branded 3G Handsets OMH CDMA Handsets. etc.

the urban youth and the high profile users. better music and camera quality and a trendy face value. Micromax is solely targeting the rural segment right now as it promises the maximum number of consumers and all they demand from a handset is regular features at an affordable price.  The third segment or the premium class 'technological innovation' will be the catchword. whom the brand will appease with innovative features such as a memory card with more capacity.Users  Micromax has divided its target users into three categories the rural sector. .  The youth segment is the second most important segment.

150.000 each • The company decided to give around 5% commission to each of its distribution chain partners.Brand as Organization Innovation • Micromax increased the size of the battery to 1800 mAh. . as a result of which its X1i phone lasts for 30 days on standby and that too at an affordable price of Rs 2. • To suit the requirements and preferences of different consumer groups. Micromax has released Android and touchscreen handsets for less than Rs 7. which rapidly led to increase in sales.

and also one each in Nepal and Sri Lanka • In addition to the service centres. modular (component) service centers which are exclusive to Micromax and provide a full suite of after sales services excluding chipset and printed circuit board (PCB) replacement . Micromax also has tie ups with five third party owned.Consumer Concern • Micromax has more than 370 strategically located sales service centres in India.

.Local vs. • Micromax which is the most successful amongst the host of small. global • With Mobile Handsets fast becoming a commodity with mobile apps and services becoming the more important factor. With low cost $100 Android phones it could lead major prices wars in the West as well. nimble Indian companies has already starting marketing its phones in the Middle-East. Global Handset Hardware Companies are seriously threatened.

.Brand as a Personality • Micromax Q55 Bling: Micromax offered this handset with swarovski embedments making it a very womanized handset. • Micromax W900 – Windows Mobile. GPS Navigation: The phone with windows and GPS navigation offered an executive/business class image. offered a very teenage boy image making it famous amongst the users who enjoy cell phone gaming. • Micromax G4 Gamolution: A phone with a motion sensor gaming console.

 . Anything that represents a brand can be a symbol.Brand as a Symbol  A strong symbol can provide cohesion and structure to an identity and make it much easy to gain recognition and recall. Elevating symbols to the status of being part of the brand identity reflects their potential power. Its presence can be a key ingredient of brand development and its absence can be a substantial handicap.


Micromax launched its first phone in the rural market with a very unique USP. Micromax has invested heavily in brand building.   Besides the focus on product development.30 days battery standby time. It was one of the principal sponsors of the South Africa VS India ODI series in 2010. The brand is one of the big spenders in the current IPL. The brand was launched from a consumer insight that most of the rural households do not get enough electricity to recharge phones on a daily basis.Brand Heritage  Micromax has the tagline " Nothing Like Anything “ through which the brand wants to convey that every product from Micromax has something unique. It is not just like any other product. Micromax has centered much of its brand building exercise around cricket. .

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