Bloomberg Assessment Test (Prep Guide & Comparison

Shivgan Joshi

Content (10 hrs plan)
1. FRA/Corporate/Equity Valuations/Ratios (5 hrs) 2. Investment Banking (2 hrs) 3. Bloomberg terminal (2 hrs) 4. Bond/Fixed Income Market (2 hrs) 5. Economics revision / Federal Reserve (2 hrs) 6. Interpreting Market News (2 hrs)

• Copyright of all questions belongs to Bloomberg • This video is for non profit and research purpose • Based on 3 file which are on BAT Website: • BAT_Demo.pdf • BAT_Presentation.pdf • SampleQuestions.pdf

• 150questions-3hrs-12sections • BAT vs CFA vs FRM vs GMAT vs CMT vs Terminal • Exam has some part embedded from all • Easy exam for those who have flavor or all 4 • All real areas covered • Excel at B Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal
• Understanding what is it all about • 3 tutorials are there: 1. Bloomberg_Tutorial.pdf 2. Bloombergfull.pdf 3. Bloomberggetstarted.pdf • Helping in understanding how their platform looks which we will be working on.

Corporate Valuation (equity)
• • • • Equity Valuations (CFA L2) Multiples DCF: Free cash flows, and EBITS. WACC

• Etc

Investment Banking
• • • • Matrix questions of merger and acquisition Synergy and re pricing IPO for getting money, and effect of activity Determination of final stock prices of the acquiring company (price of the company once the deal goes through) in M&A • Stock-exchange, debt, equity, and combined debt/equity payments in M&A • IPO session by Umesh Notes • Investment Banking by J. ROSENBAUM J Wiley

Bond market questions
• Real terms in market based on news analysis • Many questions in this area

• More toward FRM as questions are tough • News

Global Markets
• Numerical • Low scoring area after accounting • UK / Japan / EU / Latin America

• • • • CFA l1 and l2 included like currency also Level 2 economics also in play Currency / interest rates / inflation Effect of Federal interest rates

Financial Market
• Capital Markets is another where people score low accuracy

News Items
• • • • • General News interpretation and decisions Bond News for PIGS / Japan / Fed impacts News of recession in EU / UK Looking into the past to recession (correlation) Recession creates arbitrage opportunity to earn money • Correlation between Bonds, Commodity(gold and crude), S & P 500

• • • • • Equity and Corporate Finance Financial Reporting Analysis International economics Cash flow calculations Mistakes Improvements

• All topics of CFA L1 are important 1. Economics & FSA (imp) 2. Fixed Income, Equity & Corporate Finance (imp) 3. Derivatives (less imp) 4. Portfolio Management, AI, Quant (less imp) • FRSA is lowest mean, means it is toughest

• Many questions del with rating agencies • Kind of most talked about thing: The rating agencies • Predicting Volatilities

• Foundation or Risk • VAR (bonds and rating etc)

• RC • CR • Even the new section included which is Analytical Reasoning

CMT (Chartered Market Technician)
• • • • • Exam Taken by MTA Charts at Terminal Bull vs Bear Reversal Support

6 Video in the Series
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Economics FRA / Accounting Equity valuation & Corporate Finance Ratio Bloomberg Terminal Bonds in real markets

Logical Reasoning questions CAT
• • • • New Section added in GMAT Data arrangement Table-Astra Other questions with lots of Data on the screen

30 Question Financial Market
• The longest area • Which one to do first and which one to do last

My Experience
• Analytical Questions • Modeling question

• Tried to link BAT with other Exams • Pointed out the difference and similarities

References for BT
• mbergfull.pdf

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