Dean’s Letters of Recommendation

Dorothy A. Perry Tami Lam
April 13, 2010

edu     Receive letter packet Complete information and draft Return to Tami – redraft My turn – review and edit  Often request more information  Submit final draft to Dean for signature .Multi-stage Process  Communicate need to Tami  476-0855 or tami.lam@ucsf.

e.Information Needed     Leadership activities Community Service Research Information must be complete     Titles of roles (i. ASDA vice president) Include names of mentors Title of projects Dates .

Dorothy A. PhD. UCSF Title also if it is significant . degree and affiliation of mentor   i. don’t over inflate activity Name.e. Perry.What About Undergraduate Work     Important because it shows sustained commitment to activity Need specifics Be honest.

Issues  Deadline dates   Please give us the deadline! Please give us time to prepare these!   If we have 30 days   You can be contacted for more details to strengthen the letter You can be asked for missing information We can get comments from your mentor(s) to incorporate .

therefore. School of Dentistry in June 20xx with a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. so they are not directly comparable to scores from applicants tested using the previous system. xxx is expected to graduate from the University of California. taken in MONTH of 20xx. Please note that the Part I National Board scores for Mr. . no class rank or GPA data are available for any of our students./Ms. He/she scored an average of SS on Part I of the National Board Examination taken in MONTH 20xx and a SS on Part II.Opening Paragraph   This covers your expected graduation and academic record Sample:  It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Mr. Xxx were earned from testing in the new format./Ms. Let me hasten to add that the School of Dentistry operates on a pass/no pass grading system. xxx to your orthodontic residency program./Ms. San Francisco.

and provide letters of commendation to outstanding students during the first two years of the curriculum. 132. Very few honors grades are awarded and earning honors every quarter represents a significant academic accomplishment. Ms.” . Perry earned honors in Patient-Centered Care 131. the faculty can award honors grades in the third and fourth years.The However Sentence  “However. and 134. and 133. the large multi-unit didactic course that compliments clinical instruction during all four quarters of the third year.

Perry was awarded the Regents Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement upon entering dental school.” or “Ms.” .Scholarships   Awarded scholarships are also highlighted in the opening paragraph Example: “Ms. the highest honor bestowed by the University of California. Perry was selected by the faculty to receive the John Fazio Scholarship for leadership and professionalism.

He/she has demonstrated significant academic ability while participating in the broad array of opportunities at UCSF to expand his/her dental education./Ms./Ms. xxx will be an asset to your program and continue to contribute to both the profession and the community. FIRST LAST to the selection committee without reservation and with a very high level of enthusiasm. .The Closing Paragraph     Summarizes the letter Reflects professionalism Statement of promise Example: I recommend Mr. I am confident that Mr.

and research Overcoming obstacles can also be included and is important – commitment Specific detail is critical to a strong letter Anonymous . community service.Summary of Dean’s Letter      Opening and closing are customized to your program and your accomplishments Body of letter reflects leadership.

Please help us to make these letters great! Questions? .

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