Response to Heat Stress on the Coral Tubastrea micrantha (Pilot Study

Shelly N.E. Tutupoho

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Source: (Wildlife Conservation Society) .org (World Wildlife Fund) Source: wcs.

org .CORAL BLEACHING EVENTS IN 2008 Source: reefbase.

MAP OF CORAL BLEACHING EVENT IN INDONESIA DURING 2010 Source: Web-based information and personal communication .


(Li et al.. (Schumacher. 1984) Tubastrea micrantha . 2008) Tubastrea micrantha has branching life form and it is azooxanthellate coral.Branching life form of coral is more vulnerable to bleaching than massive life form.

Aim of General Study To observe the response to heat stress on branching life form of coral. Aim of Pilot Study To observe the response of the coral Tubastrea micrantha to laboratory condition. .

About pilot study Location: Hablab in Department of ITK IPB Coral was collected from CV Dinar (Tangerang) on November 6. 2010 Materials: One colony of black sun coral (Tubastrea micrantha) Aquarium Sea water Pump Water filter Aerator Thermometer Timer Lamp .

ammonia. nitrite. nitrate.What have been done? •Measuring temperature daily (morning and evening) and every 2 hours for 2 days •Measuring water quality (pH. salinity) •Aquarium cleaning up and water exchange twice a week Light Filter Pump Feed Coral Activity Time 7:00 AM 5:00 PM 7:00 AM 5:00 PM . 16.2010 09.2010 10.2010 04.2010 25.2010 21.2010 17.2010 15.2010 11.12.2010 28.11.0 27.0 28.0 29.2010 09.2010 24.2010 19.2010 08.2010 02.2010 01.11.2010 10.Temperature (oC) 26.11.2010 Source: animal-world.2010 22.2010 Optimum Morning Afternoon Maximum Minimum Average .2010 23.11.2010 06.12.2010 15.12.2010 05.2010 11.2010 Optimum temperature for this species: 23°-28° C Daily Sea Water Temperature Date 26.12.2010 03.5 29.2010 18.11.2010 13.2010 30.2010 13.12.5 28.2010 07.2010 07.2010 27.5 27.2010 20.12.2010 12.11.2010 08.11.

0 28.4 28.6 29.4 December 17 January 31 Temperature (oC) 29.0 9 am 11 am 1 pm 3 pm 5 pm 7 pm 9 pm 11 pm 1 am 3 am 5 am 7 am Time .2 28.8 28.2 29.6 28.8 29.Sea Water Temperature Every 2 Hours 29.

com .(mg/L) NH4 (mg/L) pH Coral tank 80 0 0 7.1-8.5-8 Optimum condition 8.Sea Water Quality (on January 31.4* Water salinity: ± 35 psu *Source: freshmarine.(mg/L) NO2. 2011) Parameter NO3.

IT IS BLEACHING! The coral started to bleach on January 7. 2011. On early study period (November 06. 2010) On late study period (February 20. 2011) .

•Bleaching on azooxanthellate coral occur since the polyps stress/dead. •The death of polyp is most likely caused by the long-time elevated temperature (compare to optimum temperature) and the less quality and quantity of food. .CONCLUSION •The coral could be kept healthy for about 2 months in laboratory condition (with phytoplankton suspension as the food source).

WHAT IS THE FURTHER STEP? •Prepare heat stress experiment on the coral Tubastrea micrantha •Pilot study with reef-building. zooxanthellate coral .

org (March 2011) (March 2011) (March 2011) http://www. Interspecies and spatial diversity in the symbiotic zooxanthellae density in corals from Northern South China Sea and its relationship to coral reef (March 2011) http://www. Chinese Science Bulletin 53(2): 295-303. http://www. KF Yu.reefbase. a coral without (March 2011) http://www. S. H. MX Zhao. Reef-building properties of Tubastraea micranthus (Scleractinia.panda.REFERENCES Li. Schumacher. Marine ecology progress series 20(1-2): 93-99. TR Chen. and JX Zhao. Q (March 2011) . Dendrophylliidae).wcs. 1984.animal-world.

M. S. S.Si •Andre.Sc and Beginer Subhan. Zamani.ACKNOWLEDGMENTS •Dr. Karen von Juterzenka •Dr. Neviati P.Pi •Hablab team (especially Dian Respati Widianari and Yuliani Fitri Syamsuni) •MST 2010 participants •DAAD and IPB •Others . S.Pi.Si and Mursalin. Ir. M.


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