Objective:  To enhance the performance of the stores across the region  To foster a spirit of teamwork within the store employees  Recognize the ‘High performing Stores’  Foster an environment of healthy competition amongst the stores. across the region .

Orissa & Chattisgarh 3. West Bengal & NE 2.Coverage & Frequency  All the company and franchisee WOTs  Star Store to be decided and rewarded every Quarter Based on feedback of the RE’s. we will also be declaring the Best Store of the following territories along with overall best store: 1. Bihar & Jharkhand .

the store will stand disqualified. 5% Catchment) 10% Store ambience & Customer feedback Reports to RE 5% 5% NOTE: Sending reports on time i.e on daily basis or as the case may be is The eligibility criteria along with 80% minimum sales target achievement. .Criteria for Evaluation  Target Vs Achievement Weightage 40%  Signet Enrollment  Media Tracking  Repeat Purchases in volume  Retail Initiatives & Catchment understanding  EMG Enrollment 10% 5% 10% 15%(10% Retail. If Reports are not send in due time to RE.

RRM.Target to be fixed as a percentage of the walk-ins in a quarter. and achievement to be decided against that target  Retail Initiatives. on this parameter.and achievement to be decided against that target  Catchment Understanding. Repeat Purchases and EMG-To be evaluated against actual Target VS Achievement for a quarter  Media tracking – Target to be fixed as a percentage of the walk-ins in a quarter. Panel comprising of Reg HR. .RSM & RE to decide the achievement% of the individual stores. quality and impact of the Retail Initiatives rolled out by the store in a quarter.Number. Signet.Process -Evaluation of the Star Store of the Quarter  Sales.

RRM.RSM & RE to declare the winner after comparing the final scores of the stores on all the parameters  Any new store in the region would be included only after 3 months of operation from its soft launch . and the the achievement per month/per store against each parameter. at the end of the month  HR to compile the data and work out the achievement scores at the end of the quarter  Panel comprising of the Reg-HR.Process -Evaluation of the Star Store of the Quarter The RRM to send the targets to HR at the beginning of the Quarter.

2 6 RE’S input based on checklist to be circulated Parameters to be fixed by RE 70 5% 3.75 75% 50% 67 15% 10.80/100 .3 3.05 85% 50 70% 30 82 60 10% 10% 8.5 Reporting 80 5% 4 FINAL SCORE 72.Process -Evaluation of the Star Store of the Quarter ILLUSTRATION PARAMETER TARGET ACHIEVEMENT SIGNET ENROLLMENT MEDIA TRACKING CATCHMENT UNDERSTANDING & RETAIL INITIATIVES REPEAT PURCHASES EMG ENROLLMENT STORE AMBIENCE & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TARGET (A) ACHIEVEMENT (B) ACHIEVEMENT % AGE {(C)=B/A*100)} WEIGHTAGE (D ) FINALSCORE= C*D 1000 800 80 40% 32 150 80% 80 60% 53 75 10% 5% 5.

RRM and RSM. Each Best store of the territory will ensure each member of the store winning Rs 500 GV  The winners to be recognized and awarded at an award ceremony at RO  The photographs of the winners to be displayed at the ‘Wall of Fame’ at RO and to be uploaded on the HR portal .750/. 80% score if the report reaches the day next of schedule. 50% the day after and 0 marks if the report reaches 3 days after schedule  Each store member gets a GV of Rs.each and a certificate signed by the Reg-HR. If the Reports don’t reach on time as fixed by RE then the store goes out of contention.Reward Minimum eligibility is 80% achievement of sales target Reporting on time as intimated by RE’s will be another eligibility criteria.

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