without compromising on quality. locations.Mobile Number Portability *Number portability enables a subscriber to switch between services. services and operational convenience. or operators while retaining the original mobile number. number functional even if he switches services of a Mobile Service Provider functional on the new network *A subscriber can choose to keep his *Thus his/her old number would still be . reliability.

(No age for your number. more features and services. *No cost incurred to notify the new contact details to the others ( friends. business….. family.) *Better QOS.Advantages of MNP *Subscriber’s benefit *Convenience of customer to personalize the same number across the Operators. Locations and Services.) . better tariff plans for customers.

*Operator ’s benefit *Healthy competition and an opportunity to explore more services/features. *Introduction of innovative service. *Operator with best QOS will gain the subscribers. .

*Out of several types of number portability DoT has recommended Mobile Number Portability (MNP) for all mobile service operators *Two central clearing houses for MNP database covering North-West zone (Syniverse) and South-East zone (Telecordia) *These CCH will download the MNP database in operators NPDB on daily basis *MNP will be restricted only for intra circle operators *MNP will be allowed between CDMA and GSM operators *ACQ (All Call Query) direct routing method to implement MNP .

MNP Terminologies related to network Donor Network Originating Network NPDB Recipient Network Originating Network Donor Network Recipient Network NPDB : Network of the calling party : Previous subscription of Called party : Present subscription of Called party : Number Portability Data Base (maintains portability and provides routing instructions) .

These numbers will be defined in the NPDB with HLR (PC & SSN) information.*Non Ported Number – Mobile Numbers belonging to UNINOR. *Ported *Ported . In Number – Number ported into UNINOR from another network. Will be defined in the Single DN Table of the NPDB. Will be defined in the Range DN Table of the NPDB. These numbers will be defined in the NPDB with HLR (PC & SSN) information. These numbers will be defined in the NPDB with RN information. Out Number – Number Ported out to another network from UNINOR. Will be defined in the Single DN Table of the NPDB.

.ORIG NW NPDB LRN + B-MSISDN B-MSISDN Recipient Network  Whenever the call LRN + B-MSISDN Originating Network Donor Network ACQ is called as direct routing as donor network will not be included during entire call flow. is originated.  Based on the prefix (LRN) the Originating n/w will route the call to the recipient n/w without involving the Donor network. the Originating n/w will query its NPDB  NPDB will acknowledge the query by adding a prefix (LRN) to the B MSISDN if the B MSISDN is ported out.

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