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Impact Of Social Media On Recruitment

Presented By : Aashish. J.N Deepthi. P.R Pooja Shah Pooja. M V

Define Social Media Social Media in Recruitment Social Media Tools Recruiting Strategy Challenges and Roadblocks

Social media describes a new set of internet tools that enable shared community experiences, both online and in person. SM is a community of people with common interests who connect with one another to learn, play, work, organise and socialise. Communities can be large or small, local or global. They can be public or restricted to members.

Social Media by the numbers

346,000,000 number of people globally read blogs
700,000,000 number of photos added to Facebook monthly

273.1 minutes on average spent watching online video each month

55% Internet users who have uploaded and shared photos 57% users who have joined a social network 93% people expect companies to have a social media presence

This is your talent pool.

How Social Media is used to recruit ?

These are passive candidates not actively on job boards Requires a proactive approach to reach them and the quality content to appeal to them
Emphasizes the importance of your first impression

This is your talent pool using social media for recruiting

What does this mean to us?

If candidates

are using
Social Media

to find what they

are looking


You need to get

into the mind of candidates & how they search

Using social media for employment branding allows you to meet potential candidates on their territory and engage in richer, more meaningful dialogue with them and because social media is a conversation, people are a lot more likely to find you. Why? Because theyre actually looking for you. They want to talk to you so if you follow the rules of good conversation, your labor market will actually seek you out.

Lets examine Few Social Media trends

Social Networks
Linked in Facebook Twitter You Tube

Job Portals Capital jobs

Employee Referrals

Seen by users as a credible extension of their resume and a way to research relevant industry information:
Search employees and target organisations Join Groups to join in discussions and have access to industry information Network with other industry professional Reference check

Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Hallmark, Apple and the CIA all have dedicated Facebook recruitment strategies Facebook is being used as a strategy to connect with passive candidates and to build long term talent pools

Aussie iconic brand Bushells have successfully created a group with a following of 8500 people who make comments and share ideas
Facebook is more than social networking, its a force for social action Mark Zuckerberg, founder

Advertise job opportunities Network with industry leaders Source of candidates Employer branding tool Reach a wider and passive audience Respond to comments, requests, feedback, complaints

in real time
Follow discussion on various recruitment topics Engage in conversation and headhunt talent

YouTube is the leader in online video, allowing people to easily upload and share video clips on and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email. Founded in February 2005 Channels created as a portal for recruitment videos, resumes .

The World Has Changed

2005 Sources of Hire Newspaper Ads Employee Referrals Agency (Contingent) Contract Recruiters Job Fairs Other Advertising Image Advertising Trade Journals College Resume Services 28.7% 19.7% 10.4% 8.7% 8.3% 5.0% 4.6% 4.2% 2.9% 2.9% 2011 Sources of Hire Referrals Job Boards Career Site Recruiter Initiated 28.0% 20.1% 9.8% 9.1%

Rehires Social Media Walk-Ins

4.3% 3.5% 2.5%

3rd Party
Career Fairs Temp-to-Hire Other

1.9% 1.6%

Agency (Retained)
Internet Radio

2.1% 1.5%



People Who are your customers of the strategy? What are they able to use? How are they likely to engage with your organisation? Strategy What will social media do to your customer relationships. Objective What do you want to achieve? Is this an internal or

Who within your

organisation needs to be involved in your strategy? Technology What tools should you use? What applications should you build? How do they work with your existing technology environment?

external activity?
Do you want to listen to or support your customers?

Challenges and Roadblocks

Legal & privacy implications

Be prepared to be overwhelmed

Its a moving target Companies need to overcome their fears i.e. giving control back to the consumer Be real & honest to the audience Can be a lengthy process to implement Being aware of your Social Media policy

It is a pivotal moment to embrace social media. More interactions happening online, opening up opportunities for finding and sharing ideas and information. Younger generations realizing the value of being purposeful about whats posted about them online.

Whether you are a student, a counselor or someone looking for new talent, you can benefit from learning about and using social media in a responsible and effective way.

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