Corporate Philanthropy as an Integrated Concept

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. political. ecological. If this is done and if it is part of the corporate mind-set. corporate philanthropy gains importance.Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Philanthropy First a company must put its “corporate house” in order to minimize or avoid negative externalities of a social. or other kind.

make profitable strategic decision .The Hierarchy of Corporate Responsibilities Corporate Philanthropy Nice to have (can) Corporate Enlightened self-interest Citizenship (Ought to) beyond Legal Duties (wise strategic decision) Obey all laws: adhere to regulations. be profitable. be successful in (must do) R&D. minimize emissions. Essentials offer healthy working places.

Environmental Activist. . Al Gore . with the possible exception of the will to act.Millennium Development Goals We have everything we need to begin solving this crisis.

are expected to engage as reliable and consistent partners in the development process. businesses. for their part.Poverty Alleviation and Development within a Business Context The 2002 Monterrey Consensus included specific reference to the private sector as partners in poverty reduction: “While Governments provide the framework for their operation.” .

NOVARTIS FOUNDATION •Novartis was created in 1996 through the merger of CibaGeigi and Sandoz. vaccines and consumer health products. • Main focus -“corporate responsibility” together with “international health” • Mainly engaged in Sub Saharan Africa and Indian Subcontinent. •It is a global leader in innovative pharmaceuticals. • Novartis Foundation is Non Profit organisation with 30 years of experience in solving poverty related healthcare problems. . generics.

OBJECTIVES OF NFSD Improving the quality of life Continuing to think corporate responsibility Enabling dialogue .

SCOPE OF WORK Think Tank Activities Development Projects and programs Policy dialog & networking • Research • Publications • Advisory work • Technical.managerial and financial support • Development of best practices • Scaling up • Events on development issues • Professional exchange with key constituencies .

5 A’s of Access to healthcare AVAILABILITY AFFORDABILITY ACCESSABILITY Accommodation Acceptability .

Support for the REPSSI  The Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) is providing psychosocial support and other assistance to 11 million children orphaned by AIDS in eastern and southern Africa  It has tied up with more than 140 NGOs and governments of 13 countries  A solid donor community was created to increase awareness among relief agencies about PSS  NFSD developed customized courses in management skills and leadership for the REPSSI staff as a part of Corporate Citizenship Programme .

field-based disability care services and reconstructive surgery & rehabilitation It also helped the patients to reintegrate them back into their communities through education & empowerment Economic rehabilitation was provided through articles for income generation & provision of equipment On-the-job training was given to health practitioners and workers to maximize the reach of the program . MDT treatment.Leprosy Care Program  In 1989. the NFSD set up the Comprehensive Leprosy Care     Project (CLCP) in India It helped in providing integrated leprosy care.

Other Initiatives  NFSD initiated a health insurance scheme to improve the quality of curative & preventive health services in Cinzana. diarrhoea. Mali  In developing countries. Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) program by WHO manages prevention & cure of measles. malaria. malnutrition & AIDS  NFSD provided a computer-based learning program for IMCI called ICATT  It enabled distance learning and self study for clinical professionals and provided scope for more flexibility .

Suggestions • More Emphasis on education and housing for poor • Alliance with hospitals – Narayana Hridyalya • Focus on chemist shops in rural areasSHG & Chhatisgarh .

• Performance based funding . • Obtain proposals from private insurance companies and the government on ways to provide medical insurance coverage to the population at large and execute the strategy.contd • Encourage business schools to develop executive training programmes in healthcare. which will effectively reduce the talent gap for leadership in this area.

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