Why to do CS

Because it’s a THINKING BEYOND OBVIOUS profession

.originated from the Latin word ‘secretarius’ COMPANY SECRETARY A person to whom a SECRET is entrusted. It reflects the confidentiality of the role and the trust placed on the position.

A Company Secretary has nothing to do with regular secretarial work. A Company Secretary is a professional whose role in a corporate set up is that of an advisor for legal matters. The use of the word secretary in the name of this specialization is a bit misleading for one who is new to the concept.Company Secretary Company Secretary is the officer of the company who aligns various management functions with company policies. ensures compliance of all applicable laws and endeavors to develop mutual trust between various stakeholders for sustainable growth of the company. .

finances.Snapshot  The CS professionals.  Every company with a paid up capital of over Rs 5 crore is legally bound to employ a full-time CS  The only profession apart from CA and CWA that have statutory power given by central govt. along with the chartered accountants and cost accountants. taxation and costing. . are seen as the three pillars of the corporate world with regards to legal compliances.

000 in December 2010 to 1. which is up from 94.000 enrolled members and it extends coaching and training services to 2." As of now. the ICSI has 30.80 lakh students across India.  The growing demand for the professionals can be gauged from the rising number of enrolments for the CS exam.20 lakh in 2011 .Cont…  The demand for qualified CS professionals is bound to grow considering the prevailing demand-supply mismatch.

Company Without Company Secretary Company Policies Management Functions Ethics and Mutual Trust Regulatory Compliances NO COORDINATION In the COMPANY .

Company With Company Secretary Company Policies Management Functions Regulatory Compliances Ethics and Mutual Trust COMPANY SECRETRY aligns everything to CORPORATE GROWTH .

Again Question comes in mind why to do CS ? .


authorized to sign the annual returns of the company A Company Secretary handles matters related to obtaining institutional finance compliance officer of the company Corporate Planner and Strategic Manager.Role of CS in Company  Handling legal aspects  responsibilities attached to meetings of Board of      Directors matters related to central/state sales tax. excise laws. . labour laws and corporate laws.


a student is eligible to study the final course. or any other discipline except fine arts.  Company Secretary Training – A student who has passed the executive or professional course has to undergo the management training of 15 months either in the companies sponsored by the institute or under the guidance of a Company Secretary in practice. .Who Are Eligible for CS  Eligibility for foundation course for training as a Company Secretary is 10+2  Eligibility for intermediate Graduates or post-graduates in commerce. ICWA or CA  Eligibility for Professional After having qualified in the Intermediate course.

Procedure of becoming CS  Pass foundation course or  Graduates Direct entery to Executive Computer Training SIP training  Pass Executive EDP 15 month internship under CS  Pass professinal level 15 day stock exchange training .

Doing job  A company secretary graduate can get recruited in private as well as government organization.Prospects for employment 1. the following are the main employers State Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited  Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited  Airport Authority of India  Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited  Bharat Earth Movers Limited . As far as government jobs are concerned. There are many private companies.

Be lacturer . Practicing company secretary 3.2.

Qualities Of Company Secretaries .

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