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__________________ PAK HERO ___________________

Electrical accessories are the necessary components of every household, office and other commercial buildings.
Pak hero manufactures electrical fittings and accessories. The company's head office is situated at Military Farm road Sargodha


pak industry was set up in 1974. The factory building comprises of more then 27200 S.Ft.

Products range

There are varieties of products which can be included in the product range of electrical fitting products. The main products are 1. Holders (Button Holders, Special Holders, Angle Holders, 2. Switches (All types of switches) 3. Pin Shoe (2 Pin & 3 Pin) 4. Multi Plugs 5. Adapter 6. Power Plugs 7. Sockets 8. Miscellaneous Items 9. ENEGY SAVING PRODUCTS 10. HIGH BREAKING 11. Wire & Cables

Brand Equity Element


Size & Target Market: Houses, both new and existing constituted the major portion of the target market for this product. The market could be further divided into two major categories i.e. new houses built ever year, and the existing houses in the country. There are roughly 19.3 million houses in pakistan. On an average each house might require at least 20 products.

Strengths The Pak Hero Electrical was able to get better terms of sales from the market at affordable price. Low Cost Raw material available Weakness: No Standardization No Innovation No Research & Development Shortage of skilled labour

Opportunities Bulk import of Bakelite Powder might decrease the cost. The growth of Electrical Fitting Components sector show potential Threat The import of electrical fitting products from China was a continuous threat to the local manufacturers which was succeeding to

Issues and Problems of Pak Hero Electrical



Technological Issues The productivity rate was very low due to conventional machine tools for making dies. The quality of local made die/mold was not good which result in low quality products. Because of conventional die/mold making methods they also faced problems in standardization of the products

Marketing Issues

was no innovation in designing of the product because it usually took five to six months for making dies in Pakistan. So during this die making period, a new design becomes in the market. promotion activities


Financial Issues

were currently facing financial problems for modification and up gradation of technology because most units so they were not in a position to invest.


Create the linkage of the Pak Hero Electrical accessories with the Business Support center for Electrical Fittings where following facilities will be available

The testing facilities of raw material and finished products Dies making facility will also be provided in this center Designing facilities will also be available in this center. This center will also provide on jab training facility Taking loan through Banks for the up gradation/modification of the units Explore new markets


2. 3.

The new machine could bring major innovations in the product design as the time duration is reduced. Promoting products through newspapers and bill boards Developing copyrights for their designs Motivating employees to adopt new tools and equipments and developing training programs so that employees become skillful and knowledgeable about new technology. All these factors would increase productivity Technology: Importing Computerized CNC machines will increase capacity. It will also decrease the time duration by 9 months with respect to the time duration of their existing machines which is 1 year.