coffee shops etc ◦ Butter/Cheese/Ghee-Bakery. snack retailers .Ice cream manufacturer.Amul lite.  Industry type: ◦ Milk. Amul chocolates.Amul Calci + ◦ For Youth.Utterly delicious pizza.Segmentation  Consumer type: ◦ For Kids. Nutramul. etc ◦ For Women.Amul kool. Amul lite slim trim milk etc ◦ For health conscious. pizza retailers. Amul shakti etc.Nutramul. restaurants. cheese variants etc ◦ For the calorie conciuos.

Targeting  Amul has identified youth as one of its potential segments.   . Now it has to decide where to find youth who will actually go get their product and the number of youth that the company requires. Amul has come up with Amul parlours for this reason.

 . sugar free delights for the diabetic patients and Amul kool cafe for the youth of today. both customers and farmers.creating value for everyone in the value chain. no premium offerings USP – Quality with affordability “Amul” as “Taste of India” . New offerings for health conscious and vibrant India in the form of Probiotic wellness ice-cream.Positioning    A mass market player.


STRENGTH:  Amul has good professional marketing team & well co-ordinate structure with modern business concept. Quality & price of Amul products has created a big hurdle for competitors. Amul has good customer base. Being an Indian Company people have good attitude towards the brand which has create a raising platform for the company to grow up in India.      . The Brand itself ensures quality. It also exports some milk products. Most of the customer & consumer are well aware of product range & line of Amul.

does not have flexibility of expired & replacement policy.   . Complaints of retailers against distribution are not settled in time in some cases.WEAKNESS:  GCMMF Ltd. does not facilitate the dealers & retailers as compared to competitor in terms of credits facilities as well as giving them good margin distribution. Also GCMMF Ltd.

OPPORTUNITY:  Amul is exporting to Maurities. Hong Kong. Bangladesh. UAE. Singapore. USA. Product in general & dairy product in particular. China.   . Sri Lanka. Following the new GAT strategy and opportunities tremendously for export of Agri. Australia.

 .THREATS:  The unorganized sector today milk venders are occupying the pride of place in the industry. Organized dissemination of information about the harm that they are doing to the producer & consumer should see a steady decline in their importance.

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