Getting to know each other

Having fun - GAMES Describing/Introducing yourself and other people

make sure you ASK. make sure someone know if you are not attending! Participation during class is a must. don’t make everyone wait for you! Attend all classes.Be punctual. don’t be shy! Anyone is everyone’s teacher. don’t keep it to yourself ! . be respectful towards other people! If there is something you don’t know.

Who am I? Each player will be given name of a person in the room (on their forehead) The job of the player is to ask YES or NO question in order to guess that name .

Uses 3. Promotions . Name 2. Age 3. Hobbies 5. Price 4. Occupation 4. Family Products 1. Name 2.Person 1.

I live at number 134 Cat Linh Street with my husband and two daughters. I work at 54 Dao Tan Street. My sister is 14 years old and she is studying at Trung Vuong secondary school. How do you do! My name is Truong Dinh Nam. Good morning everyone! My name is Vu Ngoc Mai. my younger sister and I.1. My parents are both retired. There are four people in my family: my father. my mother. . I am 24 years old and I’m a police officer. 2. I am 40 years old and I’m a housewife.

Hello I’m Nguyen Ngoc Loan. 5.3. It’s very nice to meet you all. I’m from China. Hello I’m Christine. I’m Thoa. I’m from the ABC sales company and I would like to introduce you to some of our newly launched products. . I’m Hieu’s friend. He’s my secondary school buddy. Hi. 6. I work at HSBC bank in Beijing. Hey this is Trung. 4. Nice to meet you. I like playing tennis and swimming.

1. . You see someone familiar on the street. You introduce them to each other You introduce yourself on your first day at work You introduce a recommended secretary to your boss 2. You come up and introduce yourself and ask if you two know each other You call from a sales agent wanting to distribute a new product to the local market You bump into an old friend while walking with your colleague. 3. 4. 5.

Physical features (Appearances) Characteristics (Personalities) Eyes Hair Calm Short-tempered Childish Skin Height Mature Cautious Weight .

One player sits at the front of a room.Each student will be given one sheet of paper. . describes one person in the room and the rest of the class draws the person being described After the player has finished. all the pictures are collected and the identity is revealed to the whole class. The person drawn can keep all the pictures as souvenirs from everyone in the class.

Each team will be given one sheet of paper with a list of adjectives describing people’s personalities/characteristics Each team has to make up stories using those words (in any order) The team that finishes the quickest and has the most interesting story will be the WINNER!!! .

the guess goes to the opposite team Team with higher points win – each correct guess = 1pt .Aim To increase creativity and vocabulary How to play Each player will be given one verb The player has to perform that verb for their teammates to guess After 1 min.

shoulder by shoulder Reach left hand to touch right hand of the opposite person Reach right hand to touch left hand of the opposite person Undo the knot in silence .Aim To see the importance of communication and teamwork How to play Everyone stands in the circle.

Thank you for your participation and .

Good Bye! .

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