Team 1 Aneesh Gupta (24NMP05) Jagdeeswara Reddy (24NMP14) Nikil Jha (24NMP28)

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LBPL a subsidiary of Lever Brothers International, produced and marketed a variety of consumer products in Pakistan. Product line consisted of items shampoos, skin and shaving creams, edible oils, margarine, toilet soaps, scourers, and laundry detergents in powder and solid bar forms. RIN was a solid, blue NSD bar introduced in 1984. Increase in 1988 market share compared to 1987
 The laundry soap – 5%,  NSD detergent, - 12%  NSD bar - 29%

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 Suspicion that RIN was primarily being used for dish washing


Several consumer promotion schemes were used for RIN but none of them was successful.
 A Rs 0.50 price-off campaign – 1984  Discount of Rs 1.00 on two RIN bars on submitting newspaper coupons – 1985  Promotional shows and demonstrations

With new advertising sales started picking up

Media advertising
- RIN being introduced from the heavens by thunder and lightning bolts to emphasize the brightness attribute of RIN.

Followed by:
“A little amount of RIN washes a large lot of clothes.”

Consumers linked:
- Thunder and lightning to rain, and clothes could not be washed outdoors in rainy weather

New ads with movie star:
Endorsed RIN as being a superior fabric washing and gave a cleaner, brighter and more economical wash than soaps.

Followed by:
“You get much more out of RIN than you pay for.”


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15 percent of the respondents surveyed were using RIN solely for fabric washing as compared to 65 percent that were using it only for dish washing. The very first dishwashing bar introduced was blue in color, All the current ones on the market were bluish in color. Even the packaging of RIN was dark blue with red and white inscriptions. Retailers shelved RIN with wrapped personal soaps or completely separate, rather than in the laundry soap section where most of the soaps were unwrapped and yellow or white in color. Pakistan had positioned it similarly under the assumption that customers and market structures were similar to India where popular fabric washer was blue in color and there was no other blue dishwashing bar.


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