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Managing Human Resource CIA II (Group 3)

A strategy used primarily for reducing the carbon

footprints of each employee and talent retention Green HR refers to the contribution of people management policies and activities towards this broader agenda.
For E.g.: Anglian Water
offering employees 1/day if they agree to walk to work.

Win-Win scenario for the employee & employer

Low Cost (Better Power Utility)

Employer gets to hold on to Top Talent

Sustainable Workforce

Green Recruitment & Selection

Green Training & Development

Green Performance Management

Green Pay & Rewards

JD specifying no. of environmental aspects Selecting Green Aware Employees

Environment reporting roles, health & safety tasks

Green Criteria when applying for jobs
E.g.: Video Conferencing, Online Application submission

Increasing staff knowledge in EM

Training in EM aspects of safety, energy efficiency,

waste management, recycling Providing Green courses Train employees in EM business practices.

Setting & Measuring environment performance

standards like carbon emission standard, green buildings Gaining useful data on environmental performance of managers Managers set green targets, goals & responsibilities Penalties for non-compliance on targets in EM Green performance related pay

Use of monetary-based EM rewards (bonuses, cash,

premiums) Use of non-monetary EM rewards (leaves, recognition, gifts, challenging work) Use of negative reinforcement (criticisms, warnings, suspensions)


HR Environmental Generalists

Green (Present)

HR NonEnvironmental Specialists

HR Environmental Specialists

Non-Green (Past)

Dark Green (Future)


Lack of Top-Management support

Lack of access to EM Information and Training

Workers may not see it as an important issue for

concern Over-emphasis on Go Green concept may result in attrition



Employee participation in EM suggestion schemes

Implement green strategies like

Green Governance

Using Web & Teleconferencing to reduce travel

Use of recycle paper, cans and bottles in the office

Green Auditing

Play green-themed management games to promote

environmentally friendly behavior


Using Carbon Emission Calculators Use of finger foods Personal coffee mug Use of carbon credit card Use of eco-friendly cabs by organization Put your computer & printer on energy saving settings Loan discounts on fuel efficient cars, discounts at local green merchants Energy Efficient Work Spaces


Suzlon Energy: fourth largest wind-turbine maker & the greenest ITC Limited: commitment to green by introducing ozone-treated Tata Metaliks Limited (TML): companys policy to discourage Lights Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL): was awarded Wipro Technologies: fast to its commitment towards energy

and best Indian companies in India.

elemental chlorine free bleaching technology

during the day with the entire office depending on sunlight

the Green Business Leadership Award in the Pulp and Paper Sector




HCL Technologies: considered as icon of Indian green initiatives Oil and Natural Gas Company (ONGC):

go green steps taken in solving the problem of toxics and e-waste

IndusInd Bank: countrys first solar-powered ATM and pioneered IDEA Cellular: paints India green with its national Use Mobile, Save Hero Honda Motors: continuous innovation in green products and

Mokshada Green Cremation initiative will save 60 to 70% of wood and a forth of the burning an eco-savvy change in the Indian banking sector Paper campaign

solutions has played a key role



Green HRM is relatively new, as the HR function is

one of the last management functions to go green A research in Green HRM could include trying to understand what drives Green mgmt./employee

behaviours (fear? guilt? other?)


Prepared By: Sudhanshu Garg (1121403) Shantanu Singh (1121427) Jeet Pajwani (1121433) Susan Cherian (1121439) Thejashwini (1121447) Yamini Agarwal (1121454) Namrata Kadam (1121460)