Multiple Media Engagements

What is Multiple Media Engagement?
Multiple Media Engagement is basically involving a single client through various media channel. This is where we try and understand the needs of our client, its target group, post an understanding is developed we try and introduce the client to a comprehensive solution.

Steps to a multiple media deal:
As I see it a client goes through various stages while negotiating a deal: Educate
This is where the client gets interested and gets inquisitive. He would probe into what you have told him, he would initiate a conversation in which he shall enquire about rates, reach and benefits This is where we educate the client about the various services that we can provide. We mention the USPs of our products and how the client can use the same to reach out to the people he wants to reach out to.



This is where the price negotiation happens. Take the lowest price you can settle for. Negotiate for a higher price. Usually clients are unaware of prices of the market, you can always negotiate a better price then giving away discounts.


This according to me is the most important and defining stage if a deal will be closed or not. What you create as a campaign and as a deal is what shall create interest and make them buy the deal.


The “Educate” stage:
You can educate your customer through the following tools: • • • • Product Sheets Presentation Newsletters A One pager on all products

The “Initiate” stage:
Your customer is initiated when: 3. 4. 5. 6. He is asking the price of the product? He is inquisitive on details? He is concerned about the reach of the product? He wishes to get some finer details of the product?

The “Create” stage:
Things to remember when you create: 3. Make sure you know your clients TG, create something keeping the same in mind. 4. Create at a price which is higher then his budget, it is inevitable he will negotiate. 5. Put thought to what you create, a bad product is never bought 6. Use ideas of the client, if he did mention anything. He will like it more and the product will become more sellable.

Why “Create” stage is important?
Usually when you pitch the product, it seems exciting to a client if he is unaware of the products or in case he really likes the product. Irrespective of the same, he looses interest as soon as you leave the office. In the create stage how fast you create the product for him is very important. If you take too much time in sending what he had asked for, he would tend to swing to a not so interested mode, also your competitor might just rope him in. You make him super excited about the product as soon as send a custom made presentation with his logos etc. also when it is in campaign format, It sounds far more interesting and client can feel the impact.

The “Negotiate” stage:
Things to remember when you negotiate: 3. Always pitch it higher then what you want him to buy at 4. He should see he is gaining enough when he is making the deal. Mention your card rates, this will make him feel the discount you are offering 5. Pitch for a cumulative figure he should see the overall discount and not individual discount. If he seems the individual discount he tends to negotiate more on every component.

The “Close” stage:
Things to remember when you Close: 3. Close as soon as possible.

Case Study:
Assume you are at a client, below are the things that he has asked you for: • Client profile: Abra Ka Dabra Builders • TG: A1 audience, investors • Budget: 10 lakh apart from ads in RP which are pre-defined • Duration: 20 days to 1 month • City: Jaipur only

Multiple Media Presentation & Deal Format:

Multiple Media Presentation

About Rajasthan Patrika
In the year 1956 a revolution took birth in the city of Jaipur with a mere investment of Rs. 500. Since then Rajasthan Patrika have been ever growing, reaching more and more people everyday. Today our reach expands to Rajasthan and beyond. With over 1 crore 21 lakh readers everyday, we continue to be the most preffered newspaper in Rajasthan. Today Rajasthan Patrika reaches 66% of any Hindi daily readers in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Patrika publishes 50 editions in 5 states, engages 1600 correspondents, reports and stringers to deliver the best to our customers doorstep. Rajasthan Patrika Group is one of the most trusted newspaper for over 50 years. Through our expansions we now reach people through SMS services, radio, outdoor publicity, cable network, educational foundations, yellow pages, publications, online news portal and through our unique events.

Our Services:
 Rajasthan Patrika sells over 11 lakh copies everyday  A recent study by BBC-Reuters listed Rajasthan Patrika among the 5 most trusted newspapers in India  We have 61% market share with Urban readership  We have 70% market share of Rural Readership  Rajasthan Patrika is circulated through the strong network of 3500 Agents and over 12000 hawkers  We are the most widely read hindi daily in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Our Services:
 News Today is one of the most widely read newspaper in Indore and Jaipur  News Today is the number 1 evening daily with 50000 copies everyday  Spread across readership of masses and classes, it is likely to cross 3 lakh readers in the coming months  With content partner like Mid Day, News Today circulates through 22 sales points in Jaipur  Circulated between 1.30 and 4.30, and priced at Re.1, News Today becomes a perfect afternoon reading material  News Today has more thorough readers as is received during afternoon hours. Also, it secures recall for advertisers.

Our Services:
 Recent IMRB survey marks Radio Tadka as the second most heard radio in Jaipur  Tadka enjoys over 4 lakh listeners everyday  We customize and create programs for audience of all ages  We have exclusive tie-ups for sole listening of Tadka at places with greater footfall  Tadka is promoted through Newspaper, Hoardings, On Air, through tie ups with community programs  It is a cost effective, personalized medium that is with the consumer till the last point of purchase

Our Services:
 We can provide you with unconventional solutions through events and activities that shall help you increase your market share  We have organized events that has helped our partners penetrate in segments of society that they could not reach through conventional channels of media  Road shows, Events, Tour across the state and many more, if you can imagine it we can deliver it.  Our understanding of districts of Rajasthan allows you to reach out to your target audience

 The media’s that you should engage for awareness and recall in the target segment in Jaipur

“Ab Dhanda nahi hoga Manda” Campaign:

The “Ab Dhanda Kyun Ho Manda… Gold Souk Hai Na”:
The Gold Souk “Ab dhanda nahi hoga manda” campaign shall engage the following elements and events: A Jeweler, specially the elder generation refers to business as Dhanda, and one of the biggest fears is the failure and non achievement of their aspirations. “Ab Dhanda Nahin Hoga Manda” is a promotion campaign pitching Gold Souk as a destination where once a person has established his setup shall never have a problem of failure and non achievement. The campaign engages Rajasthan Patrika’s Rajasthan Edition, News Today Jaipur edition, Tadka Jaipur, Planet Outdoor (Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Kota), Media Max and Channel 24.

The “Ab Dhanda Kyun Ho Manda… Gold Souk Hai Na”:
The campaign shall promote endorsements of people who already have their setups in a Gold Souk at any place. At the same point of time it shall also promote how a Gold Souk place catches attention of premium audience and secures business for people present at a Gold Souk. The Idea is to promote that you shall never suffer losses or would regret being at a Gold Souk. This shall be promoted through various mediums that engage a Jeweler in one capacity or other. We shall primarily pitch the campaign at 4 destinations, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Kota.

The “Ab Dhanda Kyun Ho Manda… Gold Souk Hai Na”:
Sample Ad of the campaign shall look like:

The “Ab Dhanda Kyun Ho Manda… Gold Souk Hai Na”:
With the above print campaign (for Rajasthan Patrika and News Today) the same shall be pitched through Radio Tadka and Channel 24 (Aaradhana, as that is the channel that is heard largely by audience of Jodhpur and Udaipur). Also we shall have engagement plan with the Jewelers association, various clubs and have our representatives promote at destinations like these. We shall keep the same campaign through our outdoor media network, ensuring that each one who should get engaged, does not miss out on the campaign. We shall follow the campaign by inviting Jewelers to a dinner, with a celebrity (Jagjit Singh or someone with a similar profile). These dinners shall be at Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Kota. Where we shall also ensure that we have presentations and pamphlets promoting the “Ab Dhandha nahi hoga manda” campaign.

The “Ab Dhanda Kyun Ho Manda… Gold Souk Hai Na”:
Why these Media Carriers? Rajasthan Patrika is widely and largely read by Higher Income Group.

Tadka is popular and mostly heard in Cars while traveling. The are also the target audience for Gold Souk. News Today being a evening daily is read by owners. Also is read by people traveling in cars, as primary sales points are traffic lights.

Through Planet Outdoor you can promote your campaign which shall attract business partners.

The “Ab Dhanda Kyun Ho Manda… Gold Souk Hai Na”:

Your Buyer

Multiple Media Deal:

A multiple media deal format:
Media Component Radio Tadka Planet Outdoor Channel 24 News, Aaradhana, My Music and Sky Movie 56969 Sevices Component Details Launched in Udaipur The best Hoardings of Rajasthan. Number one in Udaipur Over 86 Lakh people on our database. Our professionally managed services. With a network of 32 districts across Rajasthan. Inserts 3000 ROS seconds. 5 spots of 10 second each. Please find the hoarding sites below. 5 times per day for 10 seconds each for 6 months 25000 SMSes All arrangements and volunteers for the road show shall be managed by Rajasthan Patrika. Four road shows across Udaipur. Card Rate 70 RPS Variable 24000 per month Rs.1 per SMS Total 210000 Variable 144000 25000

Road Shows

200000+15% Management Fee




We would want to offer a combined package offer rate at Rs. 5,00,000 only. Rates for our publications shall be separate and shall be as per deals already communicated or signed. Service Tax shall be charged separate. We look forward to a greater association between Rajasthan Patrika and XXX.

Thank You