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Imperial Tobacco Company of India limited

• ITC is headquartered at Virginia House, 37 J L Nehru Road, Kolkata, India

Board of Directors
Chairman • Y C Deveshwar Executive Directors • Nakul Anand • P V Dhobale • K N Grant

While ITC is an outstanding market leader in its traditional businesses of Cigarettes. • ITC has a diversified presence in Cigarettes. Hotels.• ITC Limited or ITC is an Indian company headquartered in Kolkata. Personal Care.C. and shares ancestry with Imperial Tobacco of the United Kingdom. Paper & Packaging and Agri Business. and was rechristened to Indian Tobacco Company in 1970 and then to I. Stationery. It employs over 26. Limited in 1974. Packaging and Agri-Exports.000 people at more than 60 locations across India and is listed on Forbes 2000. Its diversified business includes four segments: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Hotels. Safety Matches and other FMCG products. Paperboards. Hotels. ITC Limited completed 100 years on 24 August 2010. Branded Apparel. . West Bengal India . ITC's annual turnover stood at $7 billion and market capitalization of over $33 billion.T. Branded Apparel. • The company is currently headed by Yogesh Chander Deveshwar. it is rapidly gaining market share even in its nascent businesses of Packaged Foods & Confectionery. Packaging. Packaged Foods & Confectionery. Paperboards & Specialty Papers. Agri-Business. but it is now fully independent. Personal Care and Stationery. The company has its registered office in Kolkata. Paperboards. It started off as the Imperial Tobacco Company. Information Technology.

delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value The ITC’s Mission . creating growing value for the Indian economy and the Company’s stakeholders ITC’s Vision To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalising environment.Vision and Mission Sustain ITC's position as one of India's most valuable corporations through world class performance.

shower gels. .Product Portfolio Personal Care Fiama Di Wills In September 2007. a premium range of personal care products comprising shampoos. conditioner. bathing bar and face and body Talc. ITC launched Fiama Di Wills.

Made from the goodness of Nut Oils and Restore System the range gives 6X stronger hair.Fiama Di Wills Hair Care Range Fiama Di Wills Hair Care Range consists of the Colour Damage Repair System. Each range has a shampoo. a conditioner and a serum. . the Anti Hair Fall System and the Total Damage Repair System.

The skin is made up of proteins and every time one bathes with a soap these proteins are washed away making the skin dull.Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Bathing Bar Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Bathing Bar. Fiama Di Wills Skinsense bathing Bar is enriched with plant derived extracts and 6 Pro formula that ensures skin loses minimum proteins making it soft. supple. moisturized. radiant. even toned and smooth . dark and lifeless.

Now one can actually experience the beauty of a shower gel in a soap. The ITC Research and Development has found a revolutionary method – the Liquid Crystal Freezing technology to freeze the goodness of these shower gels in a soap. . the Clear Springs and the Mild Dew. They all have natural ingredients and scientific beads that make the skin beautiful and soft.Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels & Shower Gel Bars Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels & Shower Gel Bars product range includes the Exotic Dream.

The product range is enriched with the unique Enviro Defense Complex that protects the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. .Fiama Di Wills Face and Body Talc Fiama Di Wills Face and Body Talc has been introduced in a variety of exotic. Fiama Di Wills European Lite promises to reduce skin oiliness and its fragrance is as refreshing as the European Air. Fiama Di Wills Swiss Soft is for sensitive skin and helps reduce skin irritation and soothes the skin. Fiama Di Wills Australian Care in Sun combats UV rays and gives the confidence to celebrate sunshine. international fragrances. while protecting the skin and leaving it fragrant.

It keeps one rejuvenated and re-energized all day long.Fiama Di Wills Men Fiama Di Wills Men Fiama Di Wills Men's bath care range is enriched with Sea Minerals and Blue Lotus extracts . . Voted "Product of the Year" the shower gel is the perfect kick start to the day and night .making one feel confident and enhancing the looks even more.

Essenza Di Wills is an exclusive range of fine fragrances and bath & body care products for women and men. provides a comprehensive grooming regimen with distinct lines for women (Inizio Femme) and men (Inizio Homme). the signature range from Essenza Di Wills.Essenza Di Wills ITC launched an exclusive line of prestige fine fragrances under the Essenza Di Wills brand in mid 2005. The range includes a host of bath & body care products that share the same olfactory signature to offer a harmonised fragrance experience. . The rich and sensual international fragrances of Essenza Di Wills are allday offerings created by leading French fragrance houses. Inizio.

Aqua The Essenza Di Wills portfolio was enhanced with the Aqua range for men (Aqua Homme) offering a distinctive and fresh aquatic fragrance. It embodies the essence of stylish and confident man. .

. The fragrance is specially suited for evening wear.Mikkel • Another addition to the Essenza Di Wills portfolio is the enigmatic 'Mikkel ' that embodies a fine balance between Mystery and Elegance.

Ignite’. elegant sophistication and seductive attraction. Middle Notes of Jasmine and Violet and the base notes of Patchouli and Moss. ‘Ignite combines the magic of intense sensuality. to create a unique fragrance. .‘Essenza Di Wills . Essenza Di Wills .Essenza Di Wills launched a scintillating fragrance for women . complimenting the existing range of Essenza Di Wills fragrances.Ignite is sure to help in creating that perfectly enchanting evening. Possessing Top Notes of Black currant and Mandarin.

ITC expanded its personal care portfolio with the launch of Vivel range of soaps and shampoos to cater to the specific needs of a wide range of consumers. which makes her beautiful and confident. This high quality range of soaps and shampoos are for the upper-mid and mid-market consumer segments. Protection and Moisturisation through one product.Vivel Between February and June 2008. All products offer a unique value proposition of bringing together ingredients that provide the benefit of Nourishment. . hence providing the ever discerning consumer complete care.

Vivel Satin Soft is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which help the skin feel beautifully soft. Vivel Sandal Sparkle is enriched with Sandalwood Oil and Active Clay which helps in providing clear skin. . keeping it healthy and beautiful.Vivel range of soaps The Vivel range of soaps is available in five variants:Vivel Young Glow is enriched with Vitamin E and Fruit Infusions which help in providing youthful glow to the skin. Vivel Silk Spring is enriched with Green Apple extracts and Olive oil which help in making skin smooth. Vivel Ayurveda Essence is enriched with multiple Ayurvedic Ingredients which help protect skin from germs and harsh environment.

Launched in May 2011 Vivel Healthy Glow soap.Vivel expanded its soaps portfolio by launching the Vivel Luxury Creme range of soaps. Vivel Milk Cream and Glycerine bathing bar in January 2010. Vivel Clear 3 in 1 . Launched in May 2010. Vivel Deo Spirit Soap.

Skin Cream ITC forayed into the skin cream category with the launch of Vivel Active Fair in July 2010. This fairness cream helps the skin from the inside as well as the outside. thereby delivering visible results in just 7 days. The cream is suitable for all skin types. minerals and moisturizers that provide total care to the skin. . Vivel Active Fair locks in fairness ingredients to deliver faster and longer-lasting fairness. The cream has SPF 15 sun protection rating. Additionally. Vivel Active Fair is enriched with vitamins.

Vivel Soft & Fresh is suitable for dry to normal hair and contains Extra Conditioners and Soya Protein. It makes hair soft and fragrant.Shampoos The Vivel range of shampoos is available in three variants:Vivel Shine & Glow is suitable for dull to normal hair and is enriched with Green Tea Extract and Conditioners. The product portfolio was further enhanced with the launch of Ultrapro anti-dandruff shampoo under the umbrella brand Vivel in December 2008. It adds shine to hair. Vivel Volume & Bounce is suitable for oily to normal hair and contains Jojoba Oil and Conditioners. It adds volume and bounce to hair. .

innovation and differentiation backed by deep consumer insights. Safety Matches and Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) with Segment Revenues growing at an impressive compound annual growth rate of 38% during the last 5 years. .FMCG • It is ITC's strategic intent to secure long-term growth by synergising and blending the diverse pool of competencies residing in its various businesses to exploit emerging opportunities in the FMCG sector. • The Company’s unwavering focus on quality. packaging know-how and cuisine expertise – continue to be effectively leveraged to rapidly grow the new FMCG businesses. Education and Stationery products. deep and wide distribution network. Lifestyle Retailing. • The Company’s institutional strengths – deep understanding of the Indian consumer. strong trademarks. • Over the last few years. agrisourcing skills. Personal Care products. world-class R&D and an efficient and responsive supply chain will further • strengthen its leadership position in the Indian FMCG industry. ITC has rapidly scaled up presence in its newer FMCG businesses comprising Branded Packaged Foods.

ITC’s FMCG portfolio comprises: .

Specific areas of our New Product Development practice include: Generating Requirements Project Management and Project Execution Development through collaboration Development through Technology Product Data Management Product Life Cycle Management Design Methodology Implementation & Training Value Engineering and Value Analysis Reverse Engineering ITC Infotech is focused on helping our clients realize optimal product development performance and transform the enterprise to sustain real. and competitive in their product development processes. or enabling better informed product decisions throughout the lifecycle. we work with clients to identify gaps in current practices by using proven technology innovation and product development best practices to benchmark. collaborative. with a view to implementing targeted improvement. lasting results. Whether accelerating product introductions. Our team has helped clients achieve development cycle time improvement. increasing time to revenue. Our team has the expertise to help clients become more aligned. and evaluate ideas to select those to be proposed as development projects. capture and develop ideas. implementing technologies.New Product Development At ITC Infotech. NPD solution includes an integrated Idea Management capability to issue ideation challenges. • • • • • • • • • • . our team has the implementation experience necessary to drive transformation. and development pipeline throughput. search the idea bank. two-fold improvement in return on R& D investment.

services and products spanning across the complete product development lifecycle. • Related service offerings: ITC Infotech New Product Development (NPD) service offering includes state of art solutions. • ITC Infotech offers NPD solutions through the following phases of Product development: • Product Design ▫ Conceptualization ▫ Preliminarily Design ▫ Detailed Design / Calculations • Product Engineering • Product manufacturing ▫ Advanced Mathematical Modeling ▫ Advanced Simulations ▫ Detailed Feasibility Study ▫ Manufacturing Design Support ▫ Advanced Virtual Prototyping ▫ Six Sigma methodologies . from ideation through design to manufacturing and production across various industries.Cont…. • Our solutions always come with our experience of handling major projects for various leading companies worldwide thus providing faster deployment and accelerated results.