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Human Resource Practices at PSO

Pakistan State Oil PSO is engaged in the storage. Petrochemicals. LPG and CNG. Distribution and Marketing of Petroleum Products. It is continuing to expand its physical and marketing resources to meet the requirements of the country. The company is the only public sector entity in Pakistan that has been competing effectively with three multinationals companies which are supported technically by their parent organization. .

the company also undertakes several initiatives for improving productivity and efficiency at all levels of services.HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OF PSO PSO is deeply conscious of the pivotal role that human resources play in the success of an organization.. . While strengthening the ranks of its work force with quality professionals at various levels of management.

Human Resource Management Process Human Resource Planning Recruitment/Downsizing Selection Orientation Training and development Performance Appraisals Compensations and Benefits Career Development .

.JOB ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Job designing is not a formal process but it is necessary for HR department when it wants to hire new employees or give promotions to the current employees for a particular designation.

STEPS FOR JOB DESIGNING Identifying the job Gathering job profiles Rationalizing Documentation .

Sources of recruitment for PSO are as follows •Advertised/Experienced Positions: These vacancies occur as and when we need to explore outside experience.RECRUITMENT Recruitment is the process of locating identifying and attracting capable applicants. •Recruitment Cycles (Entry-level)    Management Trainee Program (MBAs) Trainee Engineer Program (BEs) Associate Engineer Program (DAEs) & More .

. In PSO they select an employee on the basis of his qualifications.SELECTION Selection is the process of screening job applicants to ensure that most appropriate candidates are hired.

Selection Procedure Preliminary reception Written tests Interview References and background checks Medical evaluation Hiring .

and two-day open enrollment workshops Certification Programs Project Related Training Cross Functional Training .TRAINING In order to main the sustainability of the workforce following many types of trainings are conducted. New Technology and methods Personal Skills Development Organizational Development Emergency Training Environment and Safety Trainings One.

Gratuity MEDICAL PROVIDENT FUND Loans Rewards .COMPENSATIONS AND BENEFITS PSO offers competitive starting salaries and bonuses. The individual contribution in reward.

. In PSO appraisal are given on the basis of the performance of last month.APPRAISALS Performance evaluation takes place annually for the purpose of annual increments. The appraisal also assists human resource in the career development of an employee.