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: Globalization and World Affairs Lecturers: Aaron Tauss (PhD) Joshua Large(PhD)

Will capitalism survive?
Statements about Fernand Braudel’s article of 1980 by Alexander Zehnder

Medellín, February 23rd of 2012

Fernand Braudel.Who was the writer? Fernand Braudel (1902 – 1985) • French historian • Main works: The Mediterranean (1923–66) • Civilization and Capitalism (1955–79) • Unfinished: Identity of France (1970–85) “the world's most influential academic historian” (McNeill. (2001). The Journal of Modern History. . 133-146. Historian.2001) • • McNeill. W. H.

F. industrial and financial) > coexistance More than an economic system • Embedded: money. Businessmen or politicians? Braudel. (1980) Will Capitalism Survive? The Wilson Quarterly.General summary A potential force • • • • • Long history > historian point of view? Capitalism’s adaptability Categories or stages (merchant. .. 108-116. government & culture Who is in charge.

” Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan Davos (WEF) 2012 Braudel.General summary Capital and Government • • States spending more than they receive • US increased debt ceiling Capitalism casting doubts: The TIME at Davos Debate: Is Capitalism Working in the 21st Century? “The corrective form of capitalism is boom and . F. http://business. (1980) Will Capitalism Survive? The Wilson Quarterly. 108-116.time.

108-116. . 1898-1979 Braudel.General summary Sick but not about to die • • Not final stage Breaking down by itself? • • • • Herbert Marcuse* was right: "Crises are essential for the development of capitalism. F. (1980) Will Capitalism Survive? The Wilson Quarterly. inflation and unemployment favor the centralization and the concentration of capitalism” Marx’s predictions? From outside Alternative Phoenix effect? *German Jewish political theorist.

weigh like a nightmare on the minds of the living” Karl Marx (1818-1883) Drivers of societies? No economic hierarchy ≠ equality Monopolies and the competitive sphere New York 1970 • • • • Braudel. F.General summary Big thinkers • “Centralization and concentration are. in effect. the silent builders and demolishers of our social and economic architecture” Fernand Braudel “Tradition and previous generations. . (1980) Will Capitalism Survive? The Wilson Quarterly. 108-116.

108-116. F.General summary The lower tier • • • • • Government interferes “Electricité de France” SMEs condemned What about diversification? Market economy without monopolies Capital monopoly vs state monopoly Braudel. (1980) Will Capitalism Survive? The Wilson Quarterly. .

edu.”.co Can you see the crack of capitalism? Thank you for your time Image source: Microsoft Office-Online services .My opinion: “Capitalism will not survive as it is. Alexander Zehnder azehnder@eafit. specially not in a democratic world with virtual goods and intangible services.

(1980). 133-146. Will Capitalism Survive? The Wilson Quarterly. (2009. J. H.time.jacklacton. F. 108-116. Fernand Braudel. Time Magazin 1980.html • McNeill. 01 25).com/2012/01/25/the-time-at-davos-debateanalyses-capitalism-and-corporations/#ixzz1nEhIwY52 . The Journal of Modern History.Sources • Braudel. (2001). Retrieved from Jacklaton: http://www. W. 04 19). R. • Lacton. • Wolverson. (2012. Historian. The TIME at Davos Debate: Is Capitalism Working in the 21st Century? Retrieved from Time Business: