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Presented by : Binu Joseph Manish Raghuvanshi Pradeep Kumar Vinod Tripathi

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Agro-Tourism is the form of tourism which capitalizes on rural culture as a ³tourist attraction´ which appeals, not the natural landscape but a cultural heritage.


Agro-tourism is an innovative agricultural activity related to tourism and agriculture both. It has a great capacity to create additional source of income and employment opportunities to the farmers.

project tourism. ´ There are a range of other forms of rural tourism which are not necessarily a part of agrotourism in the strict sense . It provides additional income source and employment opportunity to the farmers and rural peoples.g. health tourism. historical tourism.e. It gives new look for the agribusiness. .´ The agro-tourism is an additional co-activity for the farmers. cultural tourism or adventure tourism. ethnotourism.

Requirements For ´ A largely authentic natural or small-scale. it is important to have other cultural. historical or natural attractions. ´ In addition to the beauty of the landscape itself. because even attractive regions can be almost impossible to market for tourism if they are not easily accessible from the population centres. richly structured cultural landscape. . ´ Good transport links.

Requirements For ´ A certain level of infrastructure must be in place: e. ´ Acceptance among the population: local people must be in favour of tourism. accommodation and catering facilities. transport. ´ Stable political conditions: this is essential for marketing even major tourist attractions.g. .

Location : Characteristics .

Location : Characteristics ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ Location: Malegaon (Baramati) Land : 10 Acres (parental land) Nearest city : Pune. Satara Nearest Tourist Destination: Pandharpur. Panchgani How to reach : ° ° ° Nearest Airport : Pune (105 kms) Nearest Rly Station : Pune (90 kms) Nearest Bus Stand : Baramati (4) .


´ One of the most rewarding aspects of Agri-tourism for many farmers is the opportunity to provide the public with a better understanding of what agriculture is really about. . ´ It is also an opportunity to enhance the community¶s economic potential.Starting ´ ´ Advantages Agri-tourism enterprises create employment opportunities for family members and supplement the family¶s income.

extra responsibilities. ´ Loss of privacy. ´ Some other negative issues are the loss of privacy. modest financial returns. modest financial returns. . extra responsibilities. and the high liability risk. and the high liability risk.Starting ´ ´ Disadvantages The tourism aspect may compete with the main farm operations for time and labour.

‡ Cooking equipments for cooking food. ‡ Farmhouse. ‡ Rich resources in agriculture namely water and plants at the place. swimming. which has the rural look and feel comfortable along with all minimum required facilities. telephone facilities etc . ‡ Emergency medical cares with first aid box. ‡ The well or lake or swimming tank for fishing. cattle shade.INFRASTRUCTURE FOR ‡ Accommodation facilities at same place or alliance with nearest hotels. ‡ Bullock cart. if tourist have interest.

festivals. rural traditions and also give possible demonstration of some arts.Facilities Provided In ‡ Offer authentic rural Maharashtrian food for breakfast. kirtana. lezim dance. crafts. dress. Shekoti folk songs bhajan. buffalo ride in the water. ‡ Farmers should offer to see and participate in the agricultural activities. arts. ‡ Offer bullock cart for riding and horse riding. etc. lunch and dinner. ‡ Show local birds. ‡ Offer an opportunity to participate in the rural games to the tourist ‡ Provide information them about the culture. fishing facility in your pounds or nearest lake. dhangari gaja. animals and waterfalls etc and give authentic information about them. ‡ Arrange folk dance programme. .

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO START A SUCCESSFUL AGRI-TOURISM BUSINESS? ´ ´ ´ ´ Social skills Site Liability Insurance Labour .

Farm-Based Recreation « « « Farm Tours / Demonstrations Farm Museums / Heritage Education Stocked Ponds for Fishing ´ ´ 3. Accommodations « « A. Bed and Breakfasts ´ 2.AGRI-TOURISM PRODUCTS ´ 1. Cottages B. Value-added products . Direct Marketing 4.

MARKETING ´ ´ ´ ATDC : Agri Tourism Development Corporation ATDC is responsible for the marketing aspects of Agro Tourism in Maharashtra. Conduct seminars and conferences on agri tourism business Conduct lectures of the successful National and International Farmers in agri-tourism business ´ ´ ´ Provide sales and marketing support. Conduct and coordinate tours from urban areas to the farms. Arrange National as well as International Agri Tourism Center study tours. .


Strengths of ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ Ancient Monuments Cultural Traditions Favourable Geographical Location Variety Of Country Side Dense Network of Cycle Paths & Natural Traits. .

Weakness of ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ Low level of regional support Lack of government support Lack of infrastructure Lack of human skills Lack of public facilities .

Opportunity for Generating tourism business ´ Employment ´ Increasing family income ´ Increasing value of the village ´ .

Threat for ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ Degradation of natural resources Land using problems Pollutions Changing host attitudes Increasing criminalities Commercialization of traditions .

´ It also increases the income of rural people and in turn this checks the migration of rural peasants to urban areas. ´ Once the project is a success many more will follow suit and that is where we Agri Business grads come in to fulfill our obligation towards society and at the same time sustaining our selves by being self reliant and self employed.Social Concerns of ´ It is going to change the mind set of the villagers and society at large towards the farming community. .

Future Plans for Introduction of pottery unit ´ Sericulture ´ Emu farming ´ Rural museum ´ Exotic & Medicinal plants nursery ´ Tasting the local wine or honey ´ Introduction of merchandise ´ Conducting Rural fests ´ Rural games ´ .

furnitures .

Electrical fittings Bed & pillows Tea Table .