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Electronic Medical Records (EMR

Reasons to adopt an EMR system and what it can cost your practice if you don’t

Included in this law is $19. the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 aka “the Stimulus Bill.2 Billion which is intended to be used to increase the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) by physicians and hospitals. . 2009 a $787 Billion. this portion of the bill is called. or HITECH Act. The government firmly believes in the benefits of using electronic health records and is ready to invest federal resources to proliferate its use.” was signed into law by the federal government. the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.HITECH Act 2009 On February 17.

.Government Funding for EMR The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allows for $2 billion in discretionary health IT funding and $18 billion in investments and incentives through Medicare and Medicaid.

000 over five years for implementing and using a certified EMR. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will offer incentives to medical practices that adopt and use electronic medical records technology.S.000 to $64.EMR Incentives Under the terms of the bill. The Congressional Budget Office projects that such incentives will push up to 90 percent of U. physicians to use EMRs over the next 10 years. . Beginning in 2011. physicians will get $44.

2013 or 2014 • $12. up to a maximum of: • $18. $15.000 in year 5 . if year 1 is 2012.000 in year 1.000 in year 1.000 in year 3 • $4.000 in year 2 • $8. if year 1 is fiscal year 2010 or 2011.Incentive Payment Schedule • Physicians who use EMRs would be eligible to receive incentive payments beginning in fiscal year 2011 (October 2010) and based on 75% of the annual total of allowed Medicare charges paid in the previous fiscal year.000 in year 4 • $2.

Penalties Practices that don't adopt Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT)-certified EMR systems by 2014 will have their Medicare reimbursement rates cut by up to 3 percent beginning in 2015. .

Simplify Billing More accurate insurance claims submissions.Top Reasons To Adopt an EMR System • • • • • • • • • • Better access to data Pull a patient chart within seconds rather than minutes. Faster and easier Accounts Receivable management. Have two or more people work with a chart at the same time.m. Open the patient’s chart on a wireless computer when you see him in the hospital. Open and review your patient’s chart on any computer in the office with secure HIPAA compliant software. Access a patient’s chart online when he calls you with an emergency at 2 a. Import lab results. • • • . Never waste valuable time looking for a chart. Update medication and problem lists with every visit. Better charting Never worry about illegible handwriting. diagnostic images. and hospital discharge summaries into the patient’s record. Have clinical data at your fingertips when a consulting or referring physician calls. Customized and automated billing options.

.Go from Paper to Digital Have patient information at your fingertips.

How Record Express Can Help Your Office • Develop a customized solution to digitize your documents without interrupting your daily practice. . • Electronically scan and index your medical charts for easy and instant access. • Save money on paper handling costs and storage expenses. • Quality inspection of each document is standard operating procedure. • Our EMR software partners will help you choose the best system to suit your needs and keep you in compliance with federal regulations.

Document Preparation Record Express will prepare documents for scanning by removing staples. and other bindings. and will return the documents once scanned to their original folder. binder and box. . paperclips.

Our scanners capture images in standard black and white. duplex. de-speckling. Double feed technology and ultrasonic staple detection help keep our scanners running with greater efficiency. cropping or rotation and advance text enhancement. and skip blank page. . color.Scanning Features Record Express uses only cutting edge high volume scanning equipment and will employ digital enhancement techniques to improve quality and legibility including de-skewing. bi-tonal and grayscale and in various scanning modes such as simplex.

EMR Software Our experienced EMR software partners will assist you in every phase of the implementation process. From start to finish our software partners will work together with you and your staff to ensure you choose the best possible program to fit your specific document management system requirements. .

. We are here to help you! Our high speed scanners can handle large volume daily output for a quick project completion timeline. offer recommendations and provide cost effective solutions. Quality assurance inspections of each page scanned. We’ll listen to your goals. Invite us in for an assessment of your document imaging needs.Why Choose Record Express? We are experience in digitizing medical records and we understand your concerns about implementing a new system.

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