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Submitted by: Group 4, Sec A Chinmaya Swain(U111017) Dibya Swarup Panigrahi(U111019) Gaurav Kumar(U111021) Girija Shankar Mohanty(U111022) Hina Khaitan(U111023) Liti Ranjan Mohapatra(U111029)

2. 3.X-cafe restaurant  Communication: Menu board to display offerings clearly Services like cake delivery and delivery to hostels should be communicated through posters “Today’s Specials” board can be displayed 1. .

can be included in the menu ◦ Per day “Specials” can be promoted. Cold coffee etc.6% of the revenue comes from selling Tropicana and 9. We found that out of the 30 best selling SKUs. We found that out of the 30 best selling SKUs. Demand is high and In-house prepared juices will have higher margins ◦ Breakfast items like sandwiches and fruits can be offered ◦ A separate counter with bakery items can be set up for items like pastries. which can charge a premium. Biryani .25% comes from Amul. patties. cakes etc. Fresh fruit juices.X-cafe restaurant  Product Mix ◦ Beverages Eg.14% of the revenue comes from selling Monginis ◦ Popular snacks like Pav Bhaji. should be provided. eg.10. samosa etc.

as the few combo dishes that are provided are very popular. for example paratha with sabzi. The margin earned would be approx 30%. moreover the lead time will also be less at peak hours. which is above the average margin of 20-25% • .Continued • Combo meals can be provided. and hence will have high demand Thaali system can be started which will make use of scale economies and will be preferred by many students.

This would help in increased no.  Retail store can be shifted to the area near the new cash counter  Expansion of the kitchen area will lead to smooth and efficient completion of tasks reducing the lead time.  Requesting the administration for roofing in order . of offerings and cut the loss of demand due to high lead time. ( Approx cost of expansion would be Rs.000). the cash counter can be shifted to the single entry area of the restaurant.000 annually.X-café Restaurant Layout:  To reduce the loss due to unaccounted sales which amounts to about Rs 20. 15.

certain fines can be imposed  A person with high outstanding dues (> Rs.X-café Credit System To encourage on time payment by the students. 15000) should not be allowed any more credit  .

(eg. lead to increased profits. Buckets. mugs during start of a new session) • Essential products like OTC drugs and first aid items can be provided . less prone to damage • High priced products (deodorants.X-café Retail • • Product Mix: Full range of stationeries can be offered • Better margins (approx 10%) can be obtained. This would reduce holding cost and increase shelf space for high selling items • Seasonal items may be offered as they have high demand and hence. shaving kits etc) which have low frequency of sales should be avoided. They are non perishable items and hence.

• Proper categorization and arrangement of products as toiletries. confectionery items .X-café Retail  Merchandizing: • Better visual merchandising will lead to cross-selling and increased sales of impulse buy items. stationeries.

Employee retention & engagement X-café tries to retain employees by provision of accommodation and food along with salary  There are 5 cooks and 9 staff  Loans are provided to employees as and when required  Increase in staff by 1 is needed  .

84 %  . 194666 in 2011 to Rs.Conclusion The annual revenue can be increased from Rs. 264440 in 2013 by 35.150000 in 2011 to Rs. 237600 through introduction of new products and change in some strategies for the restaurant  The profit can be increased from Rs.