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What is Usability Engineering? .

.  Usability engineering focuses on assessing and making recommendation to improve the usability of a system.Conti…  Usability engineering is an area of Human Computer Interface that relates to making and enhancing the use of computer interface to make it friendly and highly usable for their intended users.

ACS. and BCS. IEEE.  The rules are set up by computer societiesACM.Code of Ethics  Codes of ethics in software engineering are set of rules aimed at regulating the behaviors of professionals. . that govern professionals.

Code of practice in software engineering revolves around the concept: .

staff of employer  General public .WHY INCOPORATE CODE OF PRACTICE TO UE Decision Making: Usability engineers are faced with challenging roles related to:     Privacy issues Patency issues Intellectual property Copyright These issues require UEs to make decisions which affect:  Career  Employer.

UEs are associated with Questions such as:        Is informed consent required from fellow‐colleagues for usability activities being conducted within the organization? What if the client asks the usability engineer to use the data gathered on one study to draw inferences for another related study? How can the usability data and personal data of the participants be held securely? Will the use of incentives to encourage participation create a bias in sampling or in participant responses? Is it ethical to use the video‐recording of a usability test in a presentation at a conference? Is it fine to include the results from a consultancy activity in a conference paper? Can personal correspondence over emails with a participant about a product or service be included in the organization’s usability data for that product or service? .

UE is a subset of SE therefore. .YES WE SHOULD Incorporate SE code of practice to decision making in UE. code of ethics should govern UE decision making Decisions affect the eight principles of ethics.

.How to incorporate SE code of practice to UE decision making  Knowledge of the existence of SE codes  Applying both codes of ethics and principles of ethical decision making.

Abiding by the codes ensures competence in decision making and guarantees integrity and honesty which leads to professionalism. the morality of UE in decision making should be in terms with SE codes of practice. .Conclusion AS UE being a subset of SE.