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PAB 2073

Pn. Mazuin Jasamai

Mazuin Jasamai Geosciences & Petroleum Engineering Dept Building 16, New Academic Block Office: 05-368 7065 Email:

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Describe the many functions of a surface production facility. Describe the various types of offshore structures. Describe the processing and treatment of produced oil, gas and water. Perform standard engineering calculations for design of separators, pumps, compressors and pipelines.

Final Examination Coursework Assignments (Individual, Group)

50% 50% 10%

Group Project (Problem-Based Learning)

Quizzes Laboratory Test TOTAL

5% 10% 15% 100%

This course aims to expose students to surface development and production operations of an exploration and production business. The concept of field development will be explained through topics covering offshore structures, oil and gas production facilities, pipeline, pumps and onshore oil and gas gathering terminals.
Students are expected to read a lot as the subject matter is a broad speciality embracing elements of civil, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering

Understand scope of Facilities Engineering Basic concerns of Facilities Engineering Describe overview of E&P in Malaysia.


involved in the creation of the various systems that drive a production.

2. Involved in designing the layout for the production process.

3. involved in the design for the utility systems within the space, including power sources, climate control, water, and lighting. 4. involved in more specialized system design and maintenance, such as the processing of chemicals or environmental controls.

Take care of all equipment and system from well head delivery point ,

including all support system

Water treatment Power generation Pollution abatement

To optimize existing operations

by reviewing existing facilities, providing troubleshooting expertise, and identifying potential new opportunities as they relate to offshore structures.

Provide technical expertise

to new development project teams to help evaluate/optimize different offshore system design alternatives


Reservoir Engineer

Facilities Engineer
Economics General Engineering/ Platform topside Design Production Process Engineering

10 10

E&P Overview in Malaysia


Custodian for oil & gas reserves in Malaysia ~

PETRONAS HC resources

Responsibility ~ develop and add values to

Work with multinational cooperation through

PSC ~ about 70

E&P Overview in Malaysia


Malaysia HC reserves

~ 20.18 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe)

Average production ~ 1.66 million boe / day

PETRONAS HC reserves
~27.01 billion billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe)

(international reserves ~ 6.84 billion) Average production ~ 1.80 million boe / day

Oil & Gas Reserves