Understanding Menu Exits  Create a Menu Exit.  Using a Menu exit along with a Program Exit.


or the system branches to a function exit and the customer's own function is executed. When the enhancement is included in a project and activated by the customer. 2 . menu enhancements are visible in the transaction.Definition   Menu enhancements allow customers to link their own processes to menu options. either the function provided by the applications developer is executed. If the user chooses this menu option. SAP has reserved certain menu options so that customers can define their own text and react to user selections in function exits. For this purpose.

Menu Enhancements-SAP/Cust 3 .

Menu .Exit  Menu Enhancement which are provided by SAP are to be included in a project Ex : For SE38 transaction in the initial screen we have in the UTILITIES menu ‘+CUS’ which is under the enhancement SEU00002 for which a menu-exit can be created by including it in a project. 4 .

Exit The menu item which u will add will come below the Versions menu item (snap shot taken before menu item is added) 5 .Menu .

Exit Transaction Code ‘CMOD’ 6 .Menu .

Menu .Exit Create a project 7 .

Menu .Exit Enter the short text and select Enhancement assignment from the menu or Application Tool Bar 8 .

Menu . Note : at any particular point any enhancement can belong to only one Project 9 .Exit Enter the Enhancement Name and save the project.

Menu-Exit Select the components from the menu or Application toolbar to view the Exits associated with it 10 .

Menu-Exit Double Click on the function module name (program exit or Function exit ) for enhancing the code 11 .

Menu-Exit Double click on the include and write your code there 12 .

Menu-Exit Write Your code here and go back to the Components screen 13 .

Menu-Exit Double click on the function code of the Menu exit enhancement 14 .

(create a transport request if required) 15 .Menu-Exit Write your Function text here this is what appears to you in your Menu. and say copy.

Menu-Exit Go back to the initial screen of ‘CMOD’ transaction and activate the project 16 .

Menu-Exit The menu item which u added which has come below the Versions menu item (snap shot taken after menu item is added) 17 .

Menu-Exit The message that is displayed at the bottom of the screen when you select the new menu option. 18 .

Menu-Exit The End 19 .

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