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Competitive Factors In Casting US Casting Industry is Under Pressure: • The U.S.S. casting industry has seen a significant reduction in capacity and capital investment since the 1990’s • Well over 500 U. casting operations have closed since 1991 • Over 20% of all cast products consumed in the U. are imported from offshore • Customers are demanding higher quality cast parts at lower costs FLOW-3D User Perfect Casting – The Competitive Edge: • To thwart competition.S. casting organizations must improve performance by: • Improving quality through elimination of defects • Increasing throughput by eliminating trial and error approach to new designs thus ensuring the first cast meets desired quality and specifications • Maximizing yield by optimizing gating and runner configurations • Decreasing learning curve of casting new alloys .

Roadblocks to The Perfect Cast Traditional Approach to Casting: • Correct shrinkage. labor. and cracking through repetitive iterations that waste time. and material. porosity defects. and accurate to justify initial investment Traditional Casting Simulation is Limited: • Traditional casting software that cannot accurately simulate specific manufacturing processes are of minimal value to the daily realities encountered by casting organizations • Accurate filling simulation is critical in optimizing casting performance – traditional casting software sacrifices material behavior accuracy for a minimal gain in simulation time . easy to use. • Solve porosity and cracking problems by beefing-up runners and gates – resulting in lower yields FLOW-3D User • Master materials through intensive hands-on experience – costly for organizations to utilize new materials because of time needed to learn casting properties Lack of Tools and Expertise in Casting Simulation: • Majority of casting organizations have not been able to justify investing in expensive and complex software and resources to develop simulation models – casting simulation software must be quickly learnable.

Now is the Time for Change Evolve or Perish: • Organizations must improve casting performance by eliminating trial and error development through deployment of accurate and usable simulation • The market continues to demand lighter and stronger material be used. which is critical for success • Optimization of casting performance is achieved by simulating reality in a manner that is both fast and easy . organizations must quickly meet this demand – simulation enables adoption and deployment of new materials FLOW-3D User Expertise in Digital Modeling is Abundant: • Accurate simulation is now available to any organization – experts are readily available to advise on the incorporation of digital simulation into the casting process Advanced Casting Simulation Can Model Reality: • Advanced casting simulation software can accurately simulate specific manufacturing processes and material behavior: • Enables casting organizations to overcome repetitively occurring issues • Enables accurate fill simulation.

companies need to obtain a reliable forecast of the mechanical characteristics of the component once cast – casting simulation informs the design process ensuring part-performance meet required specifications • In order to solve quality problems.How to Achieve the Perfect Cast Design for Manufacturability Through Better Simulation: • Before design finalization. casting organizations must maintain stringent control of mold temperatures to promote directional solidification. The best way to solve this problem--casting process optimization software • Performance issues are dependant on good fill – accurate simulation gives organizations the tool to master this critical step FLOW-3D User .

in turn. product throughput and quality .e. and speed time to market • Such efforts. metals with physical characteristics the organization has not previously used) FLOW-3D User Become Results Driven: • The casting process has many variables of which optimization is essential to meet the goals of productivity and quality • Focus on maximizing yield. yields.How to Achieve the Perfect Cast Leverage Thought-leaders: • Leading organizations utilize both internal and external expertise when undertaking complex projects – especially when a project requires the use of new or unfamiliar metals (i. reducing costs (material/labor/energy). lead to improved profitability.

shrinkage. die erosion due to cavitation and other manufacturing problems that increase project costs • Avoids multiple dies being created. entrained air.Why FLOW-3D CAST Valued by Industry Leaders: • FLOW-3D CAST is utilized by industry leaders employing Six-Sigma manufacturing standards • FLOW-3D CAST has been proven by scores of companies casting thousands of parts • FLOW-3D CAST has the most accurate simulation of the casting process • FLOW-3D CAST has unparalleled filling modeling • FLOW-3D CAST delivers the most comprehensive and accurate software package at attractive pricing FLOW-3D User Delivers Critical Results: • FLOW-3D CAST ensures designed part will be cast to specification– through accurate simulation of the manufacturing process. extends life of a die. catching potential problems before they disrupt a project’s budget and timeline • Early design validation avoids problems associated with filling. ensures desired part performance in the marketplace .

Why FLOW-3D CAST FLOW-3D CAST: • Increase profitability through increased capacity and yield • Easy simulation – any casting organization can use • Informs internal product development process or clients’ design phase • Allows predictive analysis of all known metals – expands casting capabilities and market potential by allowing companies to employ new alloys in casting • Supports multiple casting processes: • High pressure die casting • Gravity casting • Lost foam • Continuous casting • Low pressure casting • Tilt pour • Squeeze casting • Centrifugal casting • Semi-solid metal processing FLOW-3D User .

Why FLOW-3D CAST Tackling the Comprehensive Solution: • Tracking complex flow patterns through accurate fluid advection • Predict defect locations including surface oxides and air entrainment • Early solidification • Cavitation and die erosion FLOW-3D User • Tracking cooling patterns through accurate heat transfer • Determine shrinkage • Micro-porosity • Hot spots • Thermally induced stresses .

Why FLOW-3D CAST Avoiding a Big Headache from Common Problems by Evaluating Process Parameters: • Determine optimum shot sleeve speed FLOW-3D User • Improve gating and runner design • Place overflows in the right location • Properly locate cooling channels .

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