Introduction to Business Research

Learning Objectives • Scope of Business Research • Basic research and applied research • Role of BR in decision-making • Factors affecting BR • Globalization and BR • BR and the internet 3/22/2012 2 .

• Motivational research.Scope of Business Research • The three major forms of business research are • Market research-examines market place helps to device business policies and marketing strategies.understand consumer behavior. • Operations research-forecasting demand. optimizing production. best investment options. employee behavior. 3/22/2012 3 .

or to gain better understanding • Evaluating the impact of training program on employee performance • Consumer response to direct marketing programs 3/22/2012 4 .Basic Research and Applied Research • Basic research – systematic study or investigation to discover knowledge or interpretations. • It gains knowledge rather than solving pragmatic problems. • Understanding consumer buying process • Examining the consumer learning process • Applied research. knowledge or interpretations • Why some thing has failed or succeeded.uses theories. pragmatic problems. solve specific.

to provide accurate. • Problem/opportunity resolution • Implementing the course of action. • Problem/opportunity prioritization and selection. relevant and timely information to the top management • Problem/opportunity identification. 3/22/2012 5 .Role of business research in decision-making • Objective.

Factors affecting Business Research • • • • Time constraint Availability of resources Nature of Information Sought Benefits versus Cost 3/22/2012 6 .

preferences and cultures. • Projective and elicitation techniques-picture completion analogies and metaphors. • CATI-Computer assisted telephone interviewing • CAPI.Computer assisted personal interviewing 3/22/2012 7 . • They should make use of technological advances in order to undertake international business activities effectively. • Innovative tools-videotaping.Globalization and Business Research • It need to be more closely associated with market growth opportunities outside the industrial nations. • They need to devise new creative approaches to understand the international market. views.

direct observation. reasonable cost.Business Research and the Internet • Primary research-survey interviews. questionnaires. measurements. • Costs for conducting online surveys are less compared to traditional survey method. • Confidentiality is maintained. • Respondents can reply at their convenience. • Questionnaires can be delivered to the respondents faster. 3/22/2012 8 .Broad scope. or tabulation. • The responses and feedback can be obtained faster. • Secondary Research.

• Error Three. • Error Four.Motorola’s Case • Error One. • Error Six: Disjunction of R&D and Demands 3/22/2012 9 . Slow in Launching New Products. Lack of Product Feature. • Error Two. Motorola’s Addiction to Killer Product V3 Led to Disorientation in Product Development Direction. • Error Five. Price Cut Erodes Brand Image. Fail to Emphasize on Product Selling Points.

Market Research Firms • • • • • ACNielsen MARCH MARG ORG IMRB International 3/22/2012 10 .

Market research firms • Cross Tab . Coimbatore .Market research organisation • Diksha Research.Market research agency • Lamcon Finance & Management .A leading market research agency 3/22/2012 11 .Online market research and public relations services • IMRB International.Market research. Mumbai . financial planning and consultancy • Market Pulse .Market research & entry strategy services • Nielson India .Online market research agency • Delphi Research Services .

Market research consultancy services • Telebrands India .Marketing consultancy & brand management courses • TNS India .Market research. mailing & database management services • Sampling Research .Rural marketing services 3/22/2012 12 .Offers telemarketing services • Protech India .Direct marketing. consulting & database publishing services • Rural Relations .Market research and analytics services • Samsika Marketing Consultants . Gurgaon .Market research firms • Rushabh Direct Marketing .Market research services provider in Delhi • Tecnova.

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