PRESENTED BY: Group no :-2 Sourav kumar Mondal 11202055 Rohit Gantayat 11202057 Parveen Rani 11202056 Abhisek Patra 11202060 Sanisha Das 11202064 Sibangi singh 11202063

employees and trade unions.INDUSTRIAL RELATION • Industrial Relation deals with the manpower of the enterprise and the management which is concerned with machine operator. skilled worker or manager. . • Industrial Relation is a relation between employer and employees. employees and employees .

RULES & REGULATIONS • “The process by which people and their organizations interact at the place of work to establish the terms and conditions of employment. industrial relations affect not merely the interests of the two participants.” – Industrial dispute act . but also the economic and social goals to which the State addresses itself. . 1947 • According to NCL.labor and management.National Commission on Labour .

 Competitiveness • Relations with employees & Employers :  Employer – Employee relation would decline  Distrust would creep in resulting in lack of loyalty and ineffiency. • Relation with employees & Trade unions :  Employee unions and organizations may go against the management if they hear of possible or actual layoffs in the industry. .EFFECT OF MEMO IN INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS • Relations with other industrial sectors :  Detoriates the performance of the organisation.

• Decreases morale and demotivates the employees. • Layoffs of unskilled labourers would also lessen the production. • The share holder’s return would decrease. • Relation between the employees decreases as jealousy and ego starts taking a strong position and there is lack of unity.Contd…. .


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