It even uses technology to streamline processes that impact customer loyalty. service delivery and quality management. whether it is sales or service related. .What is CRM ?  CRM entails all aspects of interaction a company has with its customer.

 People have realized that managing Customer relationships is a very important factor for their success  (CRM) is a strategy that can help them to build long-lasting relationships with their customers and increase their profits through the right management system and the application of customer-focused strategies. businesses are facing an aggressive competition and they have to make efforts to survive in a competitive and uncertain market place. .Why CRM ?  Today.

5 Needs for a Customer  Service  Price  Quality  Action  Appreciation .

 ITC collaborated with Sheraton hotels. which is a part of Starwood hotels and resorts and is a well-known global hospitality chain.ITC –group of hotels  ITC hotels stepped into the hospitality industry in 1975 and are one of the most upcoming hotel chains in its class  They started their first hotel in Chennai and now they have 66 hotels across more than 50 destinations in India. .

(2002) Analytical CRM involves the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of cross functional data collected from the customer activities occurred at the front-office. which is actually a storehouse of corporate data from various sources intended to facilitate business analysis.ANALYTICAL CRM  According to Hart et al. This data is regularly stored in a data warehouse. .

. what he did during his visit and when he returned. how long he stayed. one can understand how the user arrived at the site.VARIOUS TYPES  Data mining : Data mining tools identify patterns in data and deliver valuable new information’s that can increase a company's understanding of itself and its customers.  Click stream analysis : By analyzing the click streams of an internet user.

Collaborative filtering uses the behavior of other 'like' visitors as the basis for its recommendations. Here the software makes recommendations based on the personalized/customized website of a customer. .  Collaborative filtering : This is otherwise known as 'adaptive personalization. Rules based personalization analysis: These analytical tools are based on the concept of personalization.' This gets smarter as it observes customer behaviors and applies them to new circumstances.

 COMMENT CARD TRACKING . so to lower operating costs and increase guest satisfaction at the same time.  Improvement Analysis . build guest loyalty. and increase revenues. the Guest Ware Comment Card Tracking system assists to manage customer feedback. Guest Ware will improve productivity in the follow-up process and provide valuable management reports to maximize the benefits of your surveys .CRM Process of ITC Hotels  GUEST WARE is a unique Customer Relationship Management System(CRM) designed specifically for the lodging industry to provide personalized guest recognition and exceptional service quality. lower operating costs.LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Customer survey on restaurant or an extensive questionnaire of guests.Implement Process Improvement- Guest Ware’s Improvement Analysis team provides with the information to eliminate recurring problems and keep guests coming back .  Leading hotel management companies use Guest Ware to improve guest satisfaction.


TWO-WAY MESSAGING- The Guest Ware Communication Server integrates two-way messaging with Guest Ware’s Rapid Response. It allows staff to receive and close requests and maintenance issues from a pager or cell phone. . It allows hotel companies to implement enterprise CRM  COMMUNICATIONS SERVER . Enterprise Guest Ware enhances property management systems (PMS) and central reservations systems (CRS). The software helps streamline service delivery and uses existing e-mail systems or a modem to communicate with most two-way messaging devices.contd  GUEST WARE ENTERPRISE SOLUTION – FOR EFFECTIVE MEANS Enterprise Guest Ware database maintains a single view of the customer essentials for CRM.

. integrating all aspects of business process and systems by keeping the customers as the core.e.E-CRM OR WEB BASED CRM  E-CRM application in hotel industry are straddling across business functions to retain. capture and capitalize on customer data. i. e-CRM projects are no longer viewed as stand-alone implementations but are now being increasingly pursued in context of larger business objectives and core strategic agendas.

and 4. Beating the competition by offering a better product. Personally recognizing customers. 3.BENEFITS OF CRM 1. competing on the service experience rather than price alone. 2. Offering appropriate value and great service to encourage repeat business. Insuring that employee and guest satisfaction continues to improve. .


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