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Neng Alfiatun Nimah

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Neng Anggi Larasati Bagus Purwo Nugroho


The ice.. It is one of several example for the solid water.. Truely pure water not direct freezes in temperature 0 degrees celcius, because in temperature happen phase change from liquid to solid. So, if you want to make ice (ice cube), you must choose the lower temperatur than 0 degrees celcius Because if you choose 0 degrees Celcius, the water cant be change to the ice..

Ice has a hard structure, transparan, and can be change into water again when the temperature isnt compatible.

Thats on the higher temperature than 0 degrees celcius..

Water change into ice usually called frozen and when the ice change into water called melting.. You can added salt to accelerate ice liquefaction phase to water


Water, oil, milk and soybean sauce belongs into liquid. Can you give other example?? There many liquid character examples. Water that putted into bottle, its for same will like bottle. Also water that putted into to in glass and cup, its for equal to glass or cup. thereby, we can conclude one liquid character. Liquid follows the container form.

Liquid Character
that is move to all direction from high place to low place liquid follows the container form always has flat surface depress to all direction

Water Steam
Steam is water particles condensed in the air, You can called Fog / mist When the water boiled in 100 degrees celcius, water will changed to Steam Its named Evaporate

Water from a cup of tea condense be water particles on the air

In meteorology, there is unit to determine the thickness or lightness of the fog. There is Visibility, Visibility same as furthermost distance where an object admit of seen clearly. Far or bearness visibility determined by a little quantity particles that reside in air, more particle quantity so visibility more shorter. Particles can be in the form of water items, particles dust etc.

Fog and Mist

Basically mist (fog) is cloud in soil surface. It contain millions particle water. Fog consist of water particles, but at some stage can be espoused ice crystal. Fog mist same formed by water particle that gather on the air. Difference from both in closeness from the water item. Fog thicker than mist, because fog contain water item more many. In an aqueous vapour mist that present near soil surface condensationed and be to resemble cloud. This matter is usually formed because cool-air makes aqueous vapour condensationed and humidity degree approaches 100%.

there are some condition that need to make Fog, that is: 1. Dew point temperature enough high 2. refrigeration process existence enough in bighttime. 3. existence turbulantion and weak wind

Gletser or Glasier
Gletser is very big hunk ice and have been stoned after thousand years ago. Or you can called Mount Ice. Colour of gletser is blue, its maked thousand years ago from frozen n heat water at the same time Gletser is the most pure water in the world, and the second is sea water. Many people say that the Gletser only seen in North and South Pole, truely Gletser can be seen in high mountain in world, except Australia

Gletser or glasier or glesyer is an ice hunk formed on the soil surface which is an acccumulation of snows that fosilizes for long time. Now, the ice covers at least 10% of land in the world.

Usually air temperature under the cloud 0 degrees celcius (air temperature depend on the height above sea water level). But, low temperature not yet last for creats snow. When pure water particles come into contact with air, so pure water is defiled by particles other. There are several particles that functioned to speed up coagulation phase, so that pure water swiftly is ice crystals.

If air temperature not until thaw ice crystal, ice crystals down to the ground. And here's snow! Otherwise, ice crystal melting and to soil in the form of water rain. In many cases at this world, process go down it rain always begun with snow a few moments it falls from cloud, but then melt when across hot air. If very low temperature, those ice crystals can form little ice balls and the hail happens.

Snow has unique structure, there is no snow crystal that has the same form in this world. The other snow uniqueness is the white colour. If it is snowing, earth surface is white, clean, and shiny. This is because snow crystal structure makes snow to bounce back all colours to all directions in the same number, so appear white colour.

Besides that, snow dense gives warmth. This can be understood from effective temperature concept. It is temperature that is feeled by our skin, influenced by three physic units: measurable temperature (by thermometer), air movement speed, and water humidity. At the time of snow goes dense, water humidity rises and this is influence effective temperature so that in one our condition felts warm.

Allah, Dialah yang mengirim angin, lalu angin itu menggerakkan awan dan Allah membentangkannya di langit menurut yang dikehendaki-Nya, dan menjadikannya bergumpal-gumpal; lalu kamu lihat hujan keluar dari celah-celahnya, maka apabila hujan itu turun mengenai hamba-hamba-Nya yang dikehendaki-Nya, tiba-tiba mereka menjadi gembira. (QS Ar-Ruum ayat 48)

Water cycle or hydrology cycle is water circulation never stop from atmosphere to earth and return to atmosphere passes evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation and infiltration. Sea water heating by sunshine be hydrology cycle process key ambulatory continually. Hydrology cycle then move according to continue in several different manners:

1. Evaporation
Water in sea will evaporate to sky (atmosphere).

2. Transpiration
Water at land, at river, at plants also transpirate to sky (atmosphere).

3. Condensation
Water vapour from Evaporation and Transpiration (Evapotranspiration) condense and will be a cloud.

4. Precipitation

In this situation, aqueous vapour (cloud) will become dropplets, and will go down in the form of water, snow, ice. You can called Rain.

5. Infiltration / Perlocation into soil

Water moves into soil passes gaps and soil pore and rock aims ground water face. Water can move capillary action consequence or water can move vertically or horizontal under soil surface up to water enter to return surface water system.

Surface water, both for flow also that stagnate (lake, reservoir, swamp), and a part water under surface will be gatherred and flow to form river and end to sea. Water total under the sun as a whole permanent relative, change form and the place.

Kondensasi atau pengembunan adalah perubahan wujud benda ke wujud yang lebih padat, seperti gas (atau uap) menjadi cairan. Kondensasi uap menjadi cairan adalah lawan dari penguapan (evaporasi) dan merupakan proses eksothermik (melepas panas). Air yang terlihat di luar gelas air yang dingin di hari yang panas adalah kondensasi.

Flood often happens because of human and much rubbish thrown away into gutter and river that causes them shallow so that water flow is retarded and becomes stagnate. Second is caused by aqueduct existence at large roads so that water cannot flow and only will stagnated on them and break the asphalt. Besides the two previous factors, another factor is because soil cannot absorb water again because the trees are cut down by choopers regardless reforestation system in bald tune, so that water absorption region slimmest. Nature factor another because high rain so that soil cannot to penetrate water.

Flood Danger
Flood flow and drown house, property even human soul. Deluge often happen out of a clear sky at mention with large flood.

What can we do to prevent flood? . throw away rubbish in the place . work homage during routine. . reorganisation of reforestation system, either in also region city park by government and society. . elucidation existence to society hits flood danger and matters related to flood.

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