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Improving Your Business Systems


Programmable Logic Control System Set-up Planning and Preparing for Work Component Changeout Liaison and Consulting SCADA System Fault Finding and much more...

PLC / SCADA Training
A Two-Day Workshop to Increase the Skills and Functionality of all Technical Staff

demat. or anyone interested in SCADA systems New Why undertake THIS Training? Reduce Organisational Costs through In-house Expertise Staff made more Efficient by an Understanding of Fault Finding Staff able to Undertake Basic and Minor Programming On-site Increased functionality of all Technical Staff Increased Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Staff AND LEARNING Why undertake Training? Increased Employee Productivity and Output Increased Safety and Improved Work Practices Improved Human Relations and Staff Self-Confidence Improved Organisational Profitability Improved General Workflow through Increased Efficiencies Visit our Website at: www. Instrumentation Technicians. Maintenance Managers.SKILLS IN THE <<<MILLENNIUM Who Should Undertake This Training? Plant Managers. Process . Electrical

The training is designed to provide a range of skills which remain within the capabilities of all staff on a modern minesite.based Control Systems.Two Day Training Workshop Outline This training workshop explores Fault Finding and Equipment Testing of PLC. The training will provide all staff with the basic skills to gain an understanding of SCADA and PLC systems. Course Dates Courses to be held on the following dates: 9 -10 May 2000 23 -24 May 2000 20 .21 June 27-28 June  Fault Finding DAY 1  Introduction to Programmable Logic Control Each participant receives a comprehensive workbook and Certificate of Attendance  Planning and Preparing for Work  Overview of System Set-Up  SCADA to PLC Interfacing  SCADA System Training available at your premises or ours DAY 2  Component Changeout  Liaising and Consulting with Relevant Personnel  Revision and Assessment To Enrol turn to Page 4 Ask DEMAT about other specialist Training Programs .

9/10…” “. Enrolment Fee: $980..Trainers were good especially site specific knowledge they per person ENROLMENT DETAILS PAYMENT INFORMATION (payment required prior to the commencement of training) Cheque enclosed payable to: DEMAT Australia Name Job Title Cheque Number: Cheque Amount: Name Job Title OR Please list additional registrations on a separate sheet and attach Approving Manager Organisation: Postal Address: Telephone: Job Title Purchase Order By Post: Complete and Post enrolment Form to: “. technology planning and system integration across all industries.To Enrol: By Phone: 02 4960 1033 By Fax: 02 4960 1889 Praise from previous PLC / SCADA Training Program Participants TM “…the introduction to SCADA was very informative…” “..totally!…” DEMAT Australia Pty Limited Cnr Ridge & Merewether Sts Merewether NSW 2291 By Calling In: DEMAT Australia Pty Limited Cnr Ridge & Merewether Sts Merewether NSW 2291 What else does DEMAT AUSTRALIA do? DEMAT Australia is a premier facilitator and strategic partner in developing business improvement programs..the content was very relevant to my job…” “…this training program will assist me in my current position ...the initial knowledge level has been achieved…” By Email: dallwood@demat. and they related it well…” “…. Number: Invoice my organisation: Attention: email: Signature: .