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The New Way to Shop – QR Code Evolution

Team Members: Nur Diyana Azhar G1022228 Suhaimi Muhamed G0929520 Ainun Marziah Che Omar G1011420 Norazura Che Pi G1015746 Aza Azamin Abu Hanifah G0912814

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Online Shopping

Mobile Phone Application

QR Code – Tesco Korea

Evolution Of QR Code: 2 Dimensional Barcode
1 Dimensional Barcode
• Created in 1959 to identify railroad cars. • Perfected by IBM in 1975. • Widely used at supermarket to expedite checkout process . • Later barcode used widely in various industries – the need for barcode to hold more data arose.

2 Dimensional Barcode
• Created in 1994 by Denso Wave Japan to track manufactured cars. • Later , widely used in UK, US, Canada and Hong Kong. • Benefit – can store more data than barcode. • The evolution of smart phones promotes the use of QR Code in marketing and advertising.

Grocery Shopping using QR code
• Customers only need to scan the QR code displayed on the item. • Item will be included in shopping cart. • Image of groceries displayed at subway stations.
• Payment made, groceries delivered to home.

Anatomy of QR Code

Regular barcode Holds a maximum of 20 digits

QR Code
Can hold up to 7,089 digits

QR Codes: Using mobile phone with camera

QR Codes: Uses

This Presentation is on Slideshare

Presentations displayed on Data Projectors

QR Codes: Uses

Photo of Iron Man 2 with QR Code: Courtesy of Marvel Comics

QR Codes: Uses

QR Codes: Uses

QR Codes: Uses

QR Codes: Uses

QR Codes: Uses

Using your Smartphone to find your way round campus

QR Codes: Uses

Bookmarks, Business Cards, Leaflets, Posters

QR Codes: Uses

Linked to electronic journals

QR Codes: Uses

Linked to eBooks

QR Codes: Uses

Andrew Walsh
University of Huddersfield

QR Codes: Uses

University of Bath QR Codes for each Catalogue Record

QR Codes: Uses

Library Loan Card points to Library’s mobile website

QR Codes: Uses

you you

Linked to Multimedia guides and HowTos

QR Codes: Uses

Linked to Supplemental Material

QR Codes: Uses

Induction: Treasure/Scavenger Hunts

QR Codes: Uses

QR Codes: Uses

QR Codes: Uses

• College campuses • Case Western University uses codes to promote campus organizations
• Political Campaigns
– 2008 German elections - local council candidate Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch was the first politician to ever use QR codes in campaign

Some things you can do with QR Codes…besides advertise
• Encode information on a business card or name tag

• •

Track print-based media
– Scan digital coupons or discount offers

Develop loyalty programs and conduct surveys
– Restaurants

5% increase in sales

Scanner Apps • iPhone

• Blackberry

• Android


Pet Shop Boys were one of
the first groups to utilize QR codes in 2007  Put QR codes into music videos
 Linked to news articles and online websites highlighting campaigns for civil liberties and freedom


 QR codes put on Ryan Adams 2008 concert posters  Linked to a landing page where users could

download a free live version of one of his songs  Also featured a link to buy tickets to Ryan Adams
concerts through TicketMaster

Statistical Data on QR Code

Source: MSKYNET 2010 QR Code Report

Percentage of Scanning Purposes

Source: ScanLife 2010 Mobile Barcode Trend Report

“Most users scan for health & beauty purposes (21.2%)”

QR Code Adoption: Who is Using Them?

QR Code Adoption: Why and Where are they used

QR Code Adoption: Where do QR Code being placed?

And in other news…

Google Goggles
• • • • Search by taking pictures Results in maps, reviews, contact information Uses image recognition On iPhone, Android and Blackberry

AXA Life Insurance

One of the first interactive ads

QR Codes: Creating by http://qrcode.kaywa.com

QR Codes: Creating by delivr.com

QR Codes: Creating

Note: QR Codes with lots of information are harder to read for lower resolution camera phones. The codes become quite complex. For long urls consider using a shortening service such as bit.ly to reduce the amount of data encoded.

QR Codes: Phone software

QR Codes: Phone software


Why is it important to you?

We are in the years of the mobile
• 80.5 million smartphones were sold last quarter •Allows consumers to interact with brands from their devices on-the-go •Drives traffic to mobile sites •Allows print ads to become dynamic

QR Code and Value Chain Analysis
• • QR code can add value to almost ALL component of value chain Especially in the primary activities such as inbound logistic, outbound logistics , operation, sales & marketing and services

QR Code and Value Chain Analysis Outbound and Inbound Logistic: QR Code Used For Stationery Order System • System Outline -a customer scans QR Code on the catalogue and the order direction is automatically sent to wholesaler. • Merit- Improvement of the efficiency of ordering transaction.

QR Code and Value Chain Analysis Operation b) QR Code Used For Bus Commuters Pass Issuing System

QR Code and Value Chain Analysis Operation: Quality Control QR Code Used For Sushi Freshness Control System

QR Code and Value Chain Analysis Operation & others - Collection QR Code Application in Payment Slips Management in Taiwan

SWOT Analysis
• Ease of use • Wide reach to mass market • Mobility / profitability • 24/7 access • user friendly • Fast – Real time • Free • Smart phone is a must • DIY – download & install QR Reader • Not well known by customers



 More smart phones  Increase digitalization  Instant mobile access to web page  Reduce complaints i.e. by remove hassle to type URLs

• People may get annoyed over exposure • Misuse the QR code for irrelevant purposes • New technology will surpass the QR code

Tesco QR Code – Porter’s Competitive Porters
 Low: Client has more choices and other alternatives to shop  Challenge: To maintain uniform and excellence service quality .  Low: Investment in technology and economies of scale

 High: Technology easy to be copied & free  Challenge: Investment in infrastructure for integration

 High: Many other alternatives to shop & technology is rapidly evolve  Challenge: Keep abreast with the latest technology

 High: Provide more choices and convenient to customer  Challenge: Skeptical with the service quality provided – delivery time and product quality

Conclusion: Application of Tesco QR Code Shopping in Malaysia






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