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In tr od uc in g the RHI NO 6000

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RHI NO 600 0

The RHINO 6000 co mb ine s eas y to us e, “b est in class ” feat ure s an d PC conne ctivit y at an afford ab le p rice m ak ing it the m os t p rem ier ind ust rial lab el p rint on the mar ket . Id eal fo r dataco m, e lectrical, MR O, pro A ud io /Vid eo , s ecur ity and o ther p ro fessio nals .

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Top Selling N ew F eatu res of the RH IN O 6 00 0

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RHINO 6000 – Product Design
 Integrated impact bumpers protect the RHINO 6000 in demanding 
work environments. Unique “HOT KEYS” eliminate guesswork, complicated menus and offer fast and easy formatting of commonly used label types.

 Powerful Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack prints more labels
per charge and utilizes printer’s built-in quick charge technology.
[5 ]

RHINO 6000 – Easy to use
 Large graphic display with backlight for previewing entire  
label files and increased visibility in low-light conditions. Displays potential label errors before printing saving time and money. Autosizing fits text to label and eliminates unwanted waste.

[6 ]

RHINO 6000 – Easy to use
 One-touch powered cutter for effortless labels  Cassette ejection system for easy handling.  Cassette recognition automatically senses when cassette
is changed and stores last label used.

[7 ]

RHINO 6000 – Versatility
 24 mm wide labels for increased versatility.  1 MB of memory to store 1000+ labels, including industry  
terms, graphics, logos and symbols, for on demand printing at worksites. 250 easy-to-find, pre-programmed industry terms and symbols for saving time and standardizing labelling jobs. Customize your own library of industry terms, graphics, logos and symbols for personalizing and standardizing labelling jobs.

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Rhino 6000 – PC Connectivity
     
Printing from any Windows® program via USB interface. Upgrade printer firmware when new features become available. Step-by-step wizard helps easily create labels Upload / download label files for in-the-field and on-demand printing Insert customized graphics, logos, symbols and industry terms Import data from any Windows® based program

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Please T ake Qu ic k Q uiz : Part I
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RH INO 600 0 Fu nc tionalit y Walkt hr ou gh

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RHINO 6000 – Features and Benefits
Intui ti ve G rap hica l I nterface Create, edit and preview multiple labels on our largest backlit LCD One-to uch Power As sisted C utt er Eliminate the fatigue of manual Cutting and increase efficiency Hot K eys Eliminate guess work, complicated menus and enjoy fast and easy formatting of commonly-used label types Sa ve yo ur L ab el s Customize over 1000 labels with logos and symbols – and recall them instantly

Qui ck-Charge Li -on Rechargea ble Battery With on-screen battery life indicator Sym bols Over 100 pre-programmed Industry symbols Libra ry Over 150 pre-programmed Industry terms and the ability to customize your own library of terms Po werfu l S eri al iza tio n Built-in wizard for simple and advanced serialization Integrated I mp act Bu mp ers Protects against harsh conditions while allowing easy access to label cartridge PC C onnec ti vi ty

RHINO 6000 – Industrial Labels
Exp and ed rang e o f othe r lab el Ap pli catio ns

Ho t K eys for comm only-us ed lab el typ es





RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity Bac kli ght

 Toggles backlight on and off.  Light turns off after 15
seconds of inactivity.

 Pressing any key will turn the
backlight back on again.
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RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity -

Powe r

 Turns printer on and off.  Turns off automatically after
five minutes of inactivity.

[ 15 ]

RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity –
Cut/F eed

Cut  Cuts the printed label. Feed (shift + Cut)  Feeds an additional 10mm of tape.
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RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity Barco de

Barcodes  Generates barcodes: CODE 39 / CODE 128 / UPC A / UPC E / EAN 8 / EAN 13  Prints on 19 mm and 24 mm tape widths only.

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RH IN O 60 00 Fun ctio nal ity –
Key Pad

Num erical

Numerical Keypad  Enter numbers in labels.  Enter numbers in numerical entry menus. Popular Symbols  Accessed with SHIFT + Number
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RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity –
Siz e/C ap s Size  Cycles through the available text sizes.  Available text sizes depend on label width setting Caps (Shift + Size)  Label, and number of lines.  Toggles capitalization on and off.
[ 19 ]

RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity –
Save /Ins ert Save  Saves the current label file to memory.  Filenames can be up to 20 alphanumeric characters long. Insert (Shift + Save)  Inserts a label to the left or to the right of the current cursor position.
[ 20 ]

RH IN O 60 00 Fun ctio nal ity –
Recall/ Rem ove Recall  Recalls a label file back for printing or editing.  When in the RECALL menu, files can be deleted with the “backspace” key. Remove (Shift + Recall)  Removes one or more labels (ALL/CURRENT/RANGE) during editing.
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RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity Shift  Toggles shift functions.  Accesses secondary function or symbol on keypad.


[ 22 ]

RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity Se tting s

[ 23 ]

RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity Bac kspace Backspace  Deletes the character to the left of the cursor.  Deletes a label file in the RECALL menu.  Deletes a user defined text string in the MY LIBRARY menu.
[ 24 ]

RHINO 600 0 F unct iona li ty –
Seriali zatio n/ Ad vanced S erializ ation Serialization  Simple: A1 A2 A3... Advanced Serialization (Shift + serial)  Simultaneous: A1 B2 C3...  Advanced: A1 A2 B1 B2...

[ 25 ]

RH IN O 60 00 Fun cti ona lity –

Navi gatio n

[ 26 ]

RH IN O 6000 Fun cti onality –

Escap e

Escape  Returns to previous menu.  Selects DONE in menus.  Interrupts and cancels a print job.

[ 27 ]

RH IN O 6000 Fun cti onality –

Cl ear

Clear  Clears all text settings and format.  Returns to GENERAL label type.

[ 28 ]

RH IN O 6000 Fun cti onality –
Li brary Library  Default library has five categories.  Pressing a letter will jump to the first text string    
[ 29 ]

starting with that letter. User can add /save text strings under “My Library”. User defined text can be deleted with “backspace key”. User defined text can be alphabetized with RHINO CONNECT software. User defined text will not be listed under the ALL category.

RH IN O 6000 Fun cti onality –

Sym bo l

Symbol  Default library has seven categories.  User symbols are transferred and managed with RHINO CONNECT software .  User library will only appear if there are user symbols in memory.
[ 30 ]

RH IN O 60 00 Fun ctio nal ity –
Print /Mu ltip le C op ie s

 

Print Prints label when there is only one label in file. Prints (ALL/CURRENT/RANGE) label(s) for multiple labels in file.

Multiple Copies (Shift + Print)  Prints multiple copies of a label.  Collating is set to OFF as a factory default. See SETTINGS menu.
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Please T ake Quic k Q uiz : Part II
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RH INO 600 0 Hand s O n T raining

[ 33 ]

Getting Started: Insert • Remove battery door on back of printer Batteries Battery Pack (or 6 AA batteries) on • Install RHINO 6000
• •
the lid Reinstall the battery door Connect the AC adapter to charge the battery pack Product Tips:
• • • • • First charge duration: 8 hours Normal charge duration: 2 hours Approximately number of cassettes per charge: 7 Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery prints more labels per charge than batteries Printer will also operate on six AA batteries, however, the battery pack is recommended since the printer with the powered cutter needs a stable energy source – not all alkaline batteries are created equal

[ 34 ]

Getting Started: Installing and Removing Label Cassettes
• Installing a label cassette:
• • • • Open the cassette door Install the label cassette Press firmly to lock cassette in place Close the cassette door

• Removing a label cassette:
• • • • •
[ 35 ]

Open the cassette door Press the cassette eject button The cassette will gently lift Remove cassette and install a new one Close the cassette door

Quick Refe rence Guide

RHINO 6000 Ha nds - on Tr ain ing
[ 36 ]

Requirements for the Hands On Training
 Please make sure that you can see the training,   
simulator, and quiz windows When you don’t have a printer in front of you - Please be sure to turn the simulator on with the power button If a shift key is required for a function on the simulator, you are able use the shift key on your key board Please be sure to use the simulator for all functions to learn the RHINO 6000’s complete functionality

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Wire Labels

[ 38 ]

Wire Labels

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Panel Labels

[ 40 ]

Panel Labels

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Panel Labels

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Terminal Block Labels

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General Purpose Labels

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Advan ced Ex ercis es

RHINO 6000
[ 45 ]

Ha nds -on Tra in in g

Advanced Serialization / Save Label File  Press CLR to clear any previous label
 Press PPANEL    
– Port distance: 0.62”( Tip: Use the numerical keypad and press OK) – No. of ports: 6

Enter text “A01” Press ADV. SER. (SHIFT + SERIAL) Select ADVANCED, press OK Select “1” to be the first character to be serialized, press OK
– Set increment: 1, and total number of serializations: 6 – Set increment: 1, and total number of serializations: 2, press OK

 Select “A” to be the second character to be serialized, press OK    
[ 46 ]

Results in two patch panel labels: A1…A6 and B1…B6 Press SAVE to save this label Select <NEW> Save label file as “PATCH AB”.

    
Press CLR to clear any previous label Press BARCODE and select “Code 39” Enter “53154” and press OK Press the left arrow until the cursor is within the “53154” – note that the caption bar indicates the barcode type Press any key to edit the barcode

[ 47 ]

Creating / Saving User Text Stringsto clear any previous label  Press CLR
    
Press LIBRARY, select “My Library” Select “<Add New String>” Enter “YAMAHA R1”, press OK Select “<Add New String>” Enter “PIONEER DVD” press OK

[ 48 ]

Recall Label File / Change Label Type CLR to clear previous label  Press
 Press RECALL and select “PATCH AB”  
(previously created) Press V.WRAP and select “Fiber ½” – 1”” SAVE as “VWRAP AB”

[ 49 ]

Change Label Setting
 RECALL label file “VWRAP AB” (if   
necessary) Press SETTINGS and select “Current Label Config.” Select CAT X and press ESC to exit menu SAVE file under same name by selecting it from the save file list

[ 50 ]

Printing Multiple Copies
 RECALL “VWRAP AB” (if necessary)  Press SHIFT+PRINT to print multiple copies  Select Range, and set from 1 to 2  Press PRINT or OK or ENTER  Printer will print in the following order:  Press SETTINGS and select “Collate multi. copies”,   
[ 51 ]

– Set number of copies to 2, press OK

– A1, A1, A2, A2

set to ON, press OK, press ESC to exit menu Press SHIFT+PRINT, number of copies to 2, press OK Select Range, and set from 1 to 2 Printer will print in the following order:
– A1, A2, A1, A2

CON GRAT UL ATIO NS You ha ve m ad e it throug h t he RH INO 60 00 training
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