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Caf Spice

Labour Turnover Turning them into assets so as to provide more information about Caf Spice Food.

Caf Spice

Commercial as well as residential. High spending habits Middle class & higher class profile people can be targeted.

Caf Spice

HR's Role
Our role is to foster a higher performance culture that us supported by our talented and engaged people and organizational resources essential for sustaining superior business performance. We will achieve this by designing processes, providing tools and transferring knowledge to our leaders required for developing and continuously improving such a culture.

Critical Focus Areas


Strategic Frame Work

Execute the restaurant people strategy in order to drive higher levels of employee commitment and customer satisfaction.

Caf Spice People Measures

Employment Experience Talent

Provide a positive employment experience through respectful employement treatment and complaince with labour and employment laws.

"Employee Commitment"

Establish a strong talent management plan to identify and develop talent at all levels while creating a diverse workforce.


Implement the global total rewards strategy to support a strong pay for performance culture.

External "Best Employer" Recognition

Employment Image

Communicate a compelling caf Spice employment brand that tells "our story" and builds respect for Caf Spice.

Caf Spice

Information about the vacancy through newspapers ,

also positions are advertised in restaurants.

also uses local job centers, career fairs and other local facilities.

The candidate should have HSC as qualification.

Good communication skills. Minimum experience of 6 months.

Candidates from near by vicinity would be preferred.

Caf Spice

After the final interview the manager will rate the applicant's responses. A successful applicant will have demonstrated skills and behaviors that have been identified as being key to the position.

Caf Spice

Orientation of all new employees into the business through a Welcome Meeting, which they must attend. The Welcome Meeting gives an overview of the Company, including: Job role Food, hygiene and safety training Policies and procedures Administration Benefits Training and development.

Caf Spice

On the job training for the trainee executives. The majority of training is floor based classroom-based training sessions 2 days intensive training for the mangers 1 week training for the cashier. Cultural Differences Offers managers solid diversity training, including workshop

Caf Spice

We introduces all employees upon hiring to the BEST program (Basic

Effectiveness Skills Training). BEST utilizes videotapes, station guides

and other training materials to help employees learn how to do their jobs and fulfill their job responsibilities. The trainer (management personnel) is responsible for insuring all employees receive proper training. The trainer uses a three-step training process:

Show and tell - view videotape, demonstrate the job, while employee follows along with the station guide. Guided practice - the trainer observes and guides the employee through the task; then employee practices on their own. Follow up - the trainer checks on the progress of the employee and certifies them as successfully able to perform the task.

Caf Spice

360 Degree Feed back from all the employees. Feed back from customers.

Graphic rating scale

Caf Spice

The wage would be based on the market bases. The revision of the wages and salary would be done on annually.

The incentives would be based performance .There is a raise of 10% in salary and if performance is also counted then 20% increment given at any time of the year.

Caf Spice

The employee has to sign a one year contract with the company. One month notice needs to be given before the termination of the service by both the parties.

Caf Spice

Employees work analysis is done on the basis of his overall performance. We have predetermined standards on which employees are awarded on the basis of their skills, knowledge and experience. Ability to do many tasks - Multi-tasking. Behavior with subordinates, colleagues, peers. Attendance. Demonstrated ability to improve quality, productivity, safety, cost and efficiency. Consistency in the quality of work. Willingness to accept tasks. Ability to finish tasks on time and up to the desired level of efficiency.

Caf Spice

Managing the generation gap Pamper power


Caf Spice

Welfare programme is designed to attract, energize, reward and retain talented people who will produce superior business results and enhance their leadership position. Caf Spices provided health insurance benefit to its full-time employees.

Caf Spice

Evaluate employee performance using the following scale:

Superior - Performance is noticeably better than what is required to get the job done: employee is almost a role model. Commendable - Performance is overall equal to or better than the standard required to get the job done. Unsatisfactory - Performance is below standards and shows noticeable need for improvement.

Caf Spice

Information Security Contract

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