Cunard Line Ltd.

: Managing Integrated Marketing Communication

Group E08

Cunard’s Market Segment Cruise Industry: 4 million boarding's/year Luxury segment: (5-star) approximately 8% 10 luxury ships worldwide (5 Cunard ships) 95% of customers book their cruises through travel agents Cunard has 90% occupancy rate 65% passengers pay full list price Average compounded rate of growth is 10% per annum Over Capacity Discounting and price promotions Cunard has about 50% market share Cunard’s demographics: • 40% sailed from Europe • 55% sailed from North America • 5% from other places 60% of business with passengers domiciled in the United States .

Top 3-5% Income • 4 Star : >45 Years . To educate the potential customer regarding the specifics of various ships 2.35% • 70% strategic • 30% tactical (Currently 50-50) • Brochures and Travel Agent Co-operative Spending.35% • Public relations and promotional activities. To create the desired image for various ships Direct Marketing Program more efficient for 5 Star Ships as compared to 4 Star Ships Avoiding Glitzy Marketing budget: $20 M (50% strategic) • Direct mail. Top 20-25% Income Integrated Marketing Communication pursued to ensure homogenity .Marketing & Marketing Communication Excellence and elegance Very British & Very Proper Media & Message • Goal to create a “Look. Touch & Feel” Marketing Objective of Brochure 1.25% • Mass media advertising.5% Target Group • 5 Star : >55 Years .

To achieve a consistent look & message between strategic and tactical marketing communication Strategic Marketing • Short Term • Targets in Enhancing Revenue • Cruise specific Marketing Tactical Marketing .Integrated Marketing Communication Objectives 1. To create demand to attain 100% occupancy on each cruise 3. To develop & maintain the strategic image for Cunard 2. To create a common “look and feel” under the “umbrella” brand name CUNARD • IMC • Brand Building • Long Term • Requires Consistency 4.

Recommendations 1. Avoid Individual Sales Promotion 2. Have a centralized structure for Marketing 6. Initiate Loyalty program to motivate repeat purchase 5. Changes to Budget (70% Strategic) 3. Strong Brand Equity to be focused rather than yielding to recessionary pressures 4. Incentivize Travel Agents under a push strategy to achieve 100% occupancy .

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