What actually is It?

• Political corruption is the use of governmental powers by governmental officials for the dishonest private gain • Corruption is a common word which has become a topic of discussion in all areas of life, corner of the world and by all people of the globe.

Corruption is ? • • • • Corruption is a necessary evil Corruption is main outcome of democracy It is actually a big curse as terrorism in India It is root cause of the poverty .


The corrupt nature and mentality acquired by birth. . Greed for money and position 2.Why corruption becomes common ? • Corruption is germinated because of two major factors: 1. • These are the factors that operate and inspire to promote and live in corruption.

Guinea (Conakry) 5. Myanmar 3. Democratic Republic Congo/Kinshasa 7. Haiti 2.1. Sudan Most Corrupt countries 6. Iraq 4. Equatorial Guinea . Uzbekistan 10. Chad 8. Bangladesh 9.

It violates formal government processes.The Political Effects • • • Corruption poses a serious threat to the development of a nation. Presence is in elections and legislative bodies as well as public administrations. CONTD… .

destroys the institutional capacity of government. .Now the legitimacy of the government is weak. .CONTD… • This compromises the rule of law and : . . . .and public offices are bought and sold. and it loses it’s values of trust and tolerance.resources are cut off.creates room for unfair provision of services.

The cost of negotiations with officials.The cost of business through the price of illegitimate payments themselves. .The Economic Effects • • Provides inefficiencies and distortions in a nation‟s economic development. It increases: . .And the risk of breached agreements or detections. .


reduces the quality of government services and infrastructure. • It lowers the compliance with construction.CONTD… • Generates economic distortion by diverting public investments into capital projects where the amount of bribery is immense. and increases monetary pressures on the nation. .

unionization. Environmental protection legislation cannot be enforced if officials are easily bribed. and prevention of child labor. This also applies to social rights. . • Direct impact on the poor.Environmental And Social Effects • • • Corruption expedites environmental destruction.



It is prevalent within every section and every level of the society. corruption takes the form of bribes. In India. Corruption has taken the role of a pervasive aspect of Indian politics. “India is ranked 72 out of 179 countries in corruption” • • Corruption has become the leader of Indian politics and administration. evasion of tax and exchange controls. etc.Corruption In India • Corruption is widespread in India. . embezzlement.

Corruption in criminal cases. . Corrupt judge Corruption by traffic police High level of corruption in state electricity board. These are very few examples when compared to the actual extent of Corruption in India.Areas of corruption in India • • • • • • Govt jobs on sale for open auction.

60 50 40 30 Corruption rate 20 10 0 1999 2003 2007 2011 .

India is still a developing but not developed country. .Consequences due to corruption in India • • • • 2G scam Naxalism Unemployment Agitations Because of these and many more consequences of corruption .


and of civil society . watchdog and enforcement agencies.Prevention. and the judiciary . An Important Tool in Fighting Corruption The Governance and Anti-Corruption program comprises three principal activity areas: • • improving public sector service delivery by focusing on public sector accountability and legal reform in order to re-introduce rule of law building integrity by promoting governmental accountability and transparency • building a prevention and anti-corruption capacity of the public sector-including parliament.


. • • • an independent body that would investigate corruption cases.A brief description about the lokpal bill • The Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's ombudsman Bill) is a draft anti-corruption bill drawn up by prominent civil society activists seeking the appointment of a Jan Lokpal. complete the investigation within a year and envisages trial in the case getting over in the next one year.

“ Our ideas about corruption Bharat : ” Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency “ Nitish : ”Its better to shake hands with our fellow countrymen without „The Notes‟ rather than with it “ . once it's set a rolling it must increase. which has to be grounded to death.” Vijender : ” Corruption is like a ball of snow.A efficient anti virus program is needed to curb this social problem” Satish: “Corruption is rising like a necessary evil.Sandeep : ”Corruption is like a virus in our system .


NITISH Students of IT-3/4 .A power point presentation by: 1. BHARAT 2.SATISH 3. SANDEEP 5. VIJENDRA 4.

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