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Optical tomography and its types Introduction to OCT Optical coherence tomography Types of OCT Advantages of OCT Current Technology Applications of OCT Underway works Limitations References

Diffraction Tomography (D.  Imaging is the method of taking images of fine resolution for the diagnosis purpose.O.T) 3.  Three basic approaches to optical tomography: 1.T) 2.Optical Tomography imaging method using the light waves. Diffuse Optical Tomography (D.T)  . Optical Coherence Tomography(O.C.

Fujimoto.    James G. 1991 What is OCT: diagnostic medical imaging technology Why OCT: better diagnosis of disease Main application areas: heart disease and cancer .

Principle of optical scattering is used . Intensity of reflected infrared light is measured. Michelson interferometer to perform lowcoherence interferometry.    low-coherence interferometry to produce a two or three dimensional image.


.• The echo time delay of reflected light by using low-coherence interferometry. • The system is based on a Michelson-type interferometer. • Reflections or backscattering is correlated .

. • The backscattering in a cross-sectional plane of the tissue.• Cross-sectional images constructed the echo time delay of light at different transverse positions.

SLD PZT Sample fibre Coupler Detector Demodulator AD Reference Computer .


    Based on Scanning Schemes • • • • Time Domain OCT(TD) Frequency Domain OCT(FD) Spatially encoded frequency Domain OCT(SEFD) Time encoded Frequency Domain OCT(TEFD) Single point (confocal) OCT Parallel (full field) OCT Doppler OCT Quantum OCT .

Interference signals in TD vs. FD-OCT .

• Spectral discrimination by SEFD OCT. reference mirror (REF). beam splitter (BS). • Components include: swept source or tunable laser (SS). sample (SMP). digital signal processing (DSP) . photo detector (PD).

50/50 beam splitter (BS). camera objective (CO).Full-field OCT optical setup. reference (REF) and sample (SMP). CMOS-DSP camera (CAM). • A non-invasive three dimensional imaging device is achieved. • Components include: super-luminescent diode (SLD). convex lens (L1). .


      Broad dynamic range. Small inexpensive catheter/endoscope design Compact portable structure Acquisition of 4-8 frames /second. High resolution Rapid data acquisition rate. .

• Low-coherence Super luminescent diode:800 –1300 nm center wavelength and several milliwatts power. DISPLAY AND KEYBOARD INTEROMETER ELECTRONICS AND OPTICS FIBEROPTIC PROBE +COMPUTER .

     Imaging in Ophthalmology Optical Biopsy Imaging where Excisional Biopsy is Hazardous and Impossible Detecting Early Neoplastic Changes Guiding Surgical Intervention .

.• The topographical representation is constructed by performing six OCT tomograms at different angles through the fovea.

.• OCT image of atherosclerotic plaque. • The plaque is highly calcified with a low lipid content .

. media. and adventitia of the artery.• The OCT image enables the differentiation of the intima.

• Image differences in architectural morphology or glandular organization that are associated with neoplasia .• OCT images of gastrointestinal tissues in vitro showing normal colon and carcinoma.

• Three-dimensional OCT projection image of a laser ablation crater demonstrating the ability to reconstruct OCT images with different perspective views. .

.  Combine OCT with Doppler velocimetry and measurement of birefringence properties. Potential to make structural and dynamic assessments.

Non catheter: 4 μm. femtosecond laser is expensive (1 μm) 2. transverse resolution similar to axial resolution.Penetration: 2-3mm Ideal: 4mm  Resolution : Catheter/endoscope based image: 10μm.  Acquisition rate: <10frames/second  Lack of large-scale clinical trials  . 1.

D.F.Tuan Von-Din Optical Coherence Tomography-Principles and Applications by . www. T.Hitzenberger.Bopart Optical Coherence Tomography by Zhongpin Chen Ph.     CRC Press-Bio Medical Photonics handbookEditor-in-chief Mr.K.Lasser Optical coherence Tomography-Technology and Applications by Stephen.Frecher.wikipedia.C.Drexler.

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