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Role of Human Resource Manager

In establishing Human Resource Department

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What is Human Resource? Objectives of Human Resource The Human Resource Department The Human Resource Manager The Role of Human resource Manager Characteristics of a Sound Human Resource Department

What is Human Resource?

HRM is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as Compensation Hiring Performance management Organization development Employee motivation Communication Administration, Training

Human Resource Management is also a strategic and comprehensive approach to manage people and the workplace culture and environment.

Effective HRM enables employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization's goals and objectives.

Objectives of Human Resource

To ensure effective utilization and maximum development of human resources. To ensure respect for human beings. To identify and satisfy the needs of individuals. To ensure reconciliation of individual goals with those of the organization. To achieve and maintain high morale among employees. To provide the organization with well-trained and well-motivated employees. To increase to the fullest the employee's job satisfaction and selfactualization. To develop and maintain a quality of work life.

To be ethically and socially responsive to the needs of society.

To develop overall personality of each employee in its multidimensional aspect. To enhance employee's capabilities to perform the present job. To equip the employees with precision and clarity in transaction of business. To inculcate the sense of team spirit, team work and inter-team collaboration.

The Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department deals with management of people within the organisation. First of all, the Department is responsible for hiring members of staff; this will involve attracting employees, keeping them in their positions and ensuring that they perform to expectation. Besides, the Human Resource Department also clarifies and sets day to day goals for the organisation

Functions of Human Resource Department

Recruitment of Employees

Planning in the Organisation

Improvement of Compensation Packages

Human Resource Manager

The key functions of a human resources manager is leading the company in developing, implementing, and auditing personnel policies and procedures. In order to ensure the company meets its requirements, a human resources manager must have a solid understanding of applicable local, national, and international employment and labor laws. Human resources managers are also tasked with ensuring that the companys employees receive adequate training on the companys policies and procedures.

Role Of Human Resource Manager

There are 3 different role of HR manager: Administrative, Operational & Strategic. 1.) Administrative-Policy maker, administrative expert, advisor,counceller,welfare officer, legal consultant. 2.) Operational Roles-Recruiter, Trainer,Developer, coordinator,mediator, 3.) Strategic roles-Change agent, strategic partner

Characteristic of a sound HR Department

The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to provide leadership in the development, implementation, and administration of sound human resource policies, procedures, and programs . The goal is to be responsive to the changing needs of constituents, including employees, management, employee organizations.

If you want to manage people effectively, help them by making sure the organisation chart should paint a crystal-clear picture of reporting relationships and make it patently obvious who is responsible for what results.

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