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Naresh Naiker (79) Gaurang Nirgun (100) Antriksh Gehalot (104) Kevin Coelho (107) Anikt Metkar (109)

Munesh Sharma (119)

Uday Vasant Pendharkar

(CEO & MD)

Prathmesh Uday Pendharkar

(Marketing Head)

Mr. Khandekar
(Operation Head)

Regional Heads Regional Heads

Manufacturing Unit Distribution Unit

Distribution Network

Employees and Labors

Product Portfolio Amla Drinks Kokam Drinks Health Products Liminent Tooth Powder Cough Mixture

Health Drinks Digestive Drinks

Natural Drinks Energy/Sport Drinks

Distribution Channels

Market Coverage
Warehousing Order Processing

Pricing Strategy Volume Discount and wholesale Pricing Advance Rate Schemes

NO early pay discounts, price discrimination, Seasonal pricing

Personal selling & sales force Promotional Strategy Expos and other events Advertising

Segmentation for Mofic and Doav

Profile based Geographic segmentation Demographic segmentation


- Psychological based a) Psychographic Segmentation b) Benefit seekers

Healthcare aware People

Fed up with Allopathic medicines !! People on Vacations Women Rural Population Hotels Old people

Since 1973 Old and Traditional

Indians are still seeking Sanjeevani

Health Drink

International feel
Line Extension Strategy

SWOT analysis
Name -> Strength Manama
Attractive Packaging, Excellent Product portfolio

Strong Distribution Network, Excellent branding

Excellent Product port Folio

Old and trusted brand

Foreign Brand

Mofic and Doav

Health Drink, Taste Variation, Effective Pricing


Poor retail Capture

Less Margin to Retailers

No Branding

Less Stock Keeping units

Present in Limited Poor outlets Distribution network, Restricted portfolio


Strong Competition from Mapro

New Entrants

Other Rural Marketers

Companies with Lower cost

Local products

Branded Products,


Ready to Consume

Ready to Consume

Wide Market Capture

More commercial Advertising

Expand the Market

Ready to Consume, Widening of Portfolio, Increasing distribution network

Financial data Analysis

Financial Sales data for 2 consecutive years
Products FY 2011 (Volumes) 3,24,526 2,25,695 3,00,542 84,000 46,000 2,24,569 1,00,429 18,000 64,841 96,000 1,05,550 14,000 53,056 7256 6321 43,215 Rs 1,23,05,452 52,215 6852 6125 40,526 Rs 1,12,56,412 FY 2010 (Volumes) 2,47,961 2,05,487 3,12,857 64,226 28,564 2,02,912 47,546 27,005 45,332 83,569 98,547

Svitemblica Amla Juice Svitemblica Amla Syrup Amla with Adras Amla with Khus Amla with Mango Amla with Orange Amla with Lychee Amla with Mix Fruit Amla with Pineapple Amla with Lemon Amla with Ginger + Lemon Amla with White Musli Ratambark Svitemblica Amla Prash Atopen Liniment Helgum Tooth Powder Total Volumes

Companys total sales Volume increased from 14, 69,726 to

17, 14,000.
Net profit of Rs. 1.23 cr for the financial year 2011. 8.52 % increase in total turnover compared to FY 2010

Products like Amla with Mixed fruits, Amla with Aras are

facing decrease in sales due to seasonal implications.

Product Portfolio enhancement. Widening distribution Channel. Introduce Premium Products. Promotional strategies enhancement. Improved packaging. Introducing new flavors. Increased Production. Retail market targeting. Ready to consume Health drinks. Using internet market extensively. oav_India_218570.htm egmentation.html Owner's word of mouth