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Over view of the company:

Ticker Craft Ltd is a leading Cloth product exporting company in Bangladesh. It is a producer and exporter of 100% finished Cloth Products. It is a private limited company and it was incorporated in 1997. It has started its venture in 1998 and still exporting Cloth goods.

Vision of the company:

We will be the top Cloth products exporter in Bangladesh. We will produce and export the finest Cloth products in Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh.

Goal of the company:

Produce and export the finest Cloth products. Achieving every years company objective which is a specific amount of net profit on the basis of the total cost. Spreading our products market in all over the world. Making the company assets double within the next 8 years.

Organ gram of the Company:

Analysis of last five years business reports:

Where technology is improving day by day there we are using the same old technologies and that is the main reason why we are not being able to improve our products quality. Our competitors are using new technologies and by using these new technologies they are improving their products quality. And most of all by using the new technologies they are being able to produce more products at a low cost of production. So they are supplying products at a chief rate. So we are losing our market to them.

The major problems of our organization:

We gathered information from different sources as much as we can and then analyzed all the Reports and information we have found out the major problems of our organization. High cost of production. Low production rate Qualities and designs

Small problems

High employee turnover Absenteeism Lack of experience of workers Lack of advanced technology High price of lather Mismanagement of time Lack of motivation Lack of training programs Power supply shortage

Alternative solutions:

Reduce high cost of production Payment of wages on the basis of Units Purchasing raw materials Adoption of advance technologies Raise production rate:
Reasonable wages Grading workers

Training programs
Motivation Power supply

Opinions given by the subordinates:

Holidays should not be withdrawn. Attendance of the subordinates will be reduced to 90% from 100% because 100% attendance is not possible on the part of the subordinates. The manager should consult with the subordinates so that any problem can be solved. Every employee and workers will be given Life insurance facility. Over time must be remained from two hours to four hours. Workers and employees should be given medical facilities. General workers should have pension and retirement fund. Subordinates and workers should have communication channel through which they can consult with the mid and top level management. The festival bonus should be given to the workers and the amount of the festival bonus of the workers and employees should be increased. All salaries and wages should be paid within the third day of the month. The right to commence worker unions.

Making final decisions:

Old machines will be changed and new machines will be used. Experienced workers will be employed for high production. Experienced trainers will be employed in the factory so that they can give their best

Training to the subordinates and workers.

Reasonable overtime will be given to them. Proper ventilation and sanitation system will be adopted. There will be only one holiday in a week. Employees will get the pension facility but workers only above 45 years old will get pension facility. Wages and salaries will be paid within the 3rd date of the month. Attendance of subordinates will be reduced from 100% to 95% and 95% attendance will be given rewards and attendance below 90% will be given punishment.

Making final decisions cont..

Wages will be paid on the basis of the units rather than on the basis of hours. Workers will be graded on the basis of their produced units as average workers, above average workers, below average workers. Above average workers will be given bonus and below average workers will be given training. Departmentalization on the basis of functions. Workers and employees should be given medical facilities. Vacant managerial posts will be filled up by promoting the employees within the organization.

We think the decisions we have made will help us a lot in achieving our company objectives. From now on we will use a management information system.
If there is any problem implementing the decisions, it will be detected by the management system and the problem will be treated instantly.