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By Kevin Irwin

Aztecs had a population over 15 million people at the first of the

They were very rich. They had so much gold, they had no iron. They had over 200 cities and towns. As much with being rich, they were also cruel.

In the middle of the empire, there would be a place called The

Ceremonial Square.
The pheasants houses were utilitarian, one story houses, but the

nobles houses were un-utilitarian, 2-3 stories tall, bedrooms, bathrooms, and dinning room or dinning hall.

Most of our farming tactics come from them. For example the

Chinampas. They built on a swampy but rich ground. That method became key to their food supply.
That wasnt only how they farmed. They also farmed in gardens

and in their back yard, if they have one.

The Kings and priest were at the top of the rank, they would

control the city, then came the Snake Woman. I dont really know what they do. Next was the Military Commander, they would make a army when at war. After them, came the Traders and Merchants. They would trade and sell in cities nearby, or far away. Sometimes they would trade in the local market. The at the bottom of the rank, came the slaves. They would do all of the hard work like building roads and houses. Most of them are war slaves.

They used no paper. Instead, they used thin tree bark. Most of the things that they would keep track of is trades, wars,

scarifies, and Kings.

Instead of writing, they would carve into the thin bark. They would

carve numbers to show the prices or how much you want to buy it for.

Most traders would travel to nearby places to sell, or trade. Merchants grew rich by selling and trading in small markets near

the temple. Often, the things they got were from traders.
Most of the were middle class people, but some grew very rich by

working for the king or trading and selling a lot.

The political group in the Aztec empire are the Gods, kings, priest,

and the nobles.

They would make all the laws and control the city. Most of the rules were made by the king. He approved everything

and made the laws and rules.

He only made laws for the city, priest made rules for the temples

and teachers make rules for the school etc..

With the may people of Aztec, came jobs. Their jobs were being a

king, priest, snake woman, military commander, traders, merchants, school teachers, and slaves. They are many more but too many to count.
The most common ones are the king, priest, traders, merchants,

and slaves.

The Spanish took over The Aztecs because they were scared of

their sacrifices and the were very wealthy.

The Spanish leader Corts lead them into a two long wars, but

eventually to victory.
During the war, some people managed the escape and survive in

the woods.
After the attack, the leader of the Spanish, Corts, died in

Castilleja de la Cuesta, Seville province, on December 5, 1547.


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